Theresa Moxley Creative Director

Hello Lovelies,
it is so nice to meet you!
I am Theresa.
Photographing and documenting
personal stories and memories
has always been important to me,
and this is where I share that passion
with you, through blog, video,
and photo-documentation.
Welcome to my creative life.



Three of my best tips for getting layouts done!

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Larkindesign Three Best Tips


Designed specifically for pocket page scrapbookers, but my tips can be helpful for any type of memory keeping. My main goal is to inspire you and help you get started!

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What are others saying about Larkindesign? I love hearing from you and always welcome your comments, feedback, and love!

 “This is one of the few classes I’ve made it all the way to the end. Some of my biggest take-aways from Lesson 10 have been to keep a list of current projects & current supplies. That has been so helpful….Overall, this class has really helped me think critically about my hobby in such a great way. I’m putting more thought into what I do and how I do it. It’s helped me go back and start tackling some of the unfinished albums.”

— Maribeth Lysen

“…She is so down-to-earth, smart, and a really talented artist and designer who talks about her process and is totally inspirational. She’s a good place to start if you’re just starting this journey (and side note: she gets bonus points in my book for talking about her life, sometimes easy, sometimes hard. She’s real life. So refreshing.)”

— Alyssa Smith,

““Theresa. WOW. The work and time you’ve put into this!!! WOW!””

— Roxanne Rawls

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