Pre-order for In My Pocket Volume 02 begins today!!!!!

Do you love pocket page memory keeping but frequently feel “behind?” Do you have unfinished albums you want to tackle this year? Do you find you get stuck in certain places along the way? Maybe you are just looking for inspiration and a few partners to follow along as we document our lives together?

I am so excited to journey through adventures in my Pocket Page albums again this year! We had so much fun in the classroom at In My Pocket Volume 01, sharing strategies, chats, videos, and TONS of inspiration last year, and I can’t wait to do it again in Volume 02! 



What is the In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class???? 

In My Pocket is a memory keeping class dedicated to all things related to pocket pages. Over the past six years I have found pocket pages to be my jam – they are how I document our family life on a regular, consistent basis and I love it so much!!!! I have developed my own way of completing these projects and share everything I have learned with you in these classes.

Last year I shared Volume 01 with you and it was an enormous success! In that volume I pretty much broke down what my process for my personal albums looks like, from creating an album outline to printing photos to closing the entire album because it was done! I identified several stumbling places along the way – challenges that we often face in this process, and I shared my own strategies to keep moving forward!

I want you to feel accomplished in your memory keeping!!!!

So join me for In My Pocket Volume 02! If you took Volume 01, you will love continuing this journey with me. If you have never taken a course from me before, you can absolutely take Volume 02 as a stand-alone course. OR you will also have the opportunity to bundle the courses together! These courses are all self-guided, which means you can access the course content at your own convenience. Volume 02, for the first run of 11 weeks, will be delivered to you one lesson at a time, typically on Thursdays, right in your Inbox. Here is a list of the topics for this class.

Larkindesign In My Pocket Volume 02 Memory Keeping Class

I also created a special offer if you want to take BOTH volumes! There is a Bundle option so you can purchase Volume 01 and receive immediate access to that classroom, and you will also receive confirmation of your spot in the classroom for Volume 02.



Have you had a chance to see the promotional video yet? Click below to see!

So many exciting things are happening here and I am so looking forward to sharing it all with you! Sign up today so you don’t miss the special pricing, and I will see you in the classroom!