Documenting December In A Traveler’s Notebook | November Layouts!!!


Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!

Hello Lovelies and Happy December to you all! The first of this month is always one of the best days of the year because I am so excited to begin documenting, photographing, and experiencing all the magic of this season. To inspire you today I have two layouts in my December Traveler’s Notebook! You can see the process video here.

I often read and see where artists wonder if they can include events and memories outside of December in their December Daily albums, and the answer is absolutely YES! These are two layouts I am including that happened in November. Make this project work for you and include anything you wish.

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!

I wanted to be sure and include at least one photo of me and my husband, Alan, in the beginning pages, since we weren’t in the family photo already. These two photos were taken in early November. This page was a foundation page I had already created for Sahlin Studio, so finishing it up was a breeze.

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!

Really all I had to do was print out my photos and add a bit of journaling. I also covered up the number, since this day isn’t going to need a number. I had a great vertical space for photos on this layout, so I placed two square photos into a canvas in Photoshop and printed them as one collage. I added very simple journaling onto the label as well.

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!

In November we also went to see The Grinch movie, which is always a holiday favorite. It just had to be included! I had two photos, one square and one horizontal, so I placed them on the layout opposite of each other and then filled in spaces around. I took cues from The Grinch song and stamped 25s onto the right hand side for a background. I have used a journaling card from Paislee Press layered with a chipboard piece on top of a square photo. Natalie wanted to pose with her Grinch face, how cute!!

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!

For the right side I created my title using a second number stamp set plus Studio Calico alphabet stickers. The space in between title and photo were perfect for my journaling.

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!


Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook | November Layouts!!!Thank you so much for joining me today! Happy December to you!



Documenting December In A Traveler’s Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp


Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp

Hello Lovelies!!! Today I am sharing a complete round up of all the Foundation Pages I have created in my December Traveler’s Notebook. Foundation Pages are one of the ways I manage to complete this project each year, although this year I have done much less than in previous years. I feel this is a good balance of prep work while leaving room for flexibility within my notebook. You can watch my Foundation Pages overview video here.

Several of my Foundation Pages have been shared already on the Sahlin Studio blog, so I wanted to include them here for you to see as well. One thing I have pointed out in the video is that in my Foundation Pages I have added numbers and dates to show where they might go, but I don’t actually know which dates these layouts will actually fall on. So anything that doesn’t work for that day can be changed, including dates and numbers. Remember it is all about making the project work for you!

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp

Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp

I also had a bit of fun with the Crate Paper Merry Days collection. I sealed one of the sentiment cards into a pocket page along with a few of the snowflakes, and then embellished the facing page with a tag, a cute little person, and word art. This leaves a great space for my photo and journaling when I am ready!

Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp Larkindesign Documenting December In A Traveler's Notebook 2018 | Foundation Pages RoundUp

One of my other Foundation Pages was created using the Paislee Press Mini Kit from the Ali Edwards product offering for this year. I love this kit and am so very much looking forward to using more of it!

Larkindesign December Daily 2018 | Paislee Press Unboxing Video

So tomorrow begins the most wonderful time of the year and I am definitely ready! Thank you for following along with me this year!


Documenting December In A Traveler’s Notebook | Around the Studio!!

Hello Lovelies!!! It is just a few more days until December 1 and I am officially as ready as I will ever be! So today I am sharing with you a look around my studio and how I have prepared and organized supplies for December Daily! You can see my video here.   One of my best tips for accomplishing a daily project like December Daily is to be well prepared, and also well organized. Ha. Full disclosure: organization in my studio has never been my strong point, but there are a few things even the most disheveled of us can do before the month begins.
The center of my work area is right here, which is the front room in our home. I use two primary work surfaces for creative work and computer work. Other pieces play active, supportive roles. Let’s start where my creative work begins!
My main work table is under my favorite window. One thing I have learned over the years is to keep all the things you use every day, in every layout right here. These would be things like scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, and any particular stamps, inks or other supplies you know you already use. I also have pulled washi tapes that I want to use, and of course notice the chocolate. Always need chocolate.
Those are a few of the things on my immediate work surface, and then I have a few December supplies that I have pulled as well. I keep those nearby so that I don’t have to go rifling through supplies during the month. My primary place to keep those supplies is in the top tray of my Raskog. During the year this tray keeps regular Project Life products, and it was easy to switch this out. When December Daily is complete, I will put Project Life products back in.
This tray now contains stamp sets, stickers, patterned papers, and journal cards. I also have two trays on my work surface. The wooden tray holds die cut ephemera and chipboard, which I have separated from their full size sheets. I love having these out and visible so I can use them!
Also just resting on top of this tray is my divided container of physical embellishments. (Not pictured, but included in the video.) Those are things like wooden pieces, flair, other shipboard pieces, and miscellaneous things from kits like Ali Edwards kit, Paislee Press, Felicity Jane, and Elle’s Studio. At this point all the supplies I plan to use for December’s project are right at hand!
Some other things around my studio include my printer stand above. This cart is an IKEA favorite, and I love that it houses my printer and my Silhouette, along with photo paper and card stock. Having those things right close to my computer make it so easy to crank out work every day! I also keep my regular supplies in the Kallax units on the other side of my room.
These two Kallax units house most of my supplies, such as physical collections, stamp sets, dies, other paper trimmers, and card stock. I also have another Kallax that houses all my albums.
Another favorite storage spot in my studio is my hutch. I keep the kids’ supplies here plus a few odds and ends, and my washi tray. This tray is a printer’s tray that we divided up and painted white. All the washi is organized (somewhat!) in rainbow order. I also keep glitter and mini ink pads here.
  Here is one more fun view of my studio space and my two best scrappy pieces, the Raskog carts. They house mixed media products throughout the year, along with other stickers and embellishments that I use in Project Life.
What a fun tour, thank you for following along today! I look forward to jumping right into December and will see you then! ~Theresa    

Important Class Announcement Plus December Traveler’s Notebook Cover Page And Reason Why!

Welcome back Lovelies! I am so excited to share my cover page and my reason why page in my December Daily Traveler’s Notebook! It is always so excited to dive right in and start working on the actual pages, even as I am still completing foundation pages and anxiously waiting for the First of December! You can watch my process video below.

Every year I get so excited to begin these pages and this year is absolutely no different. I set about to choose one traveler’s notebook to begin with and started with the cover.

This cover already lays groundwork for being incredibly simple, so simple is how I kept it. I left the transparency (Bella Blvd.) just as it was, and added a simple wooden date plus a stamped image.

The wooden numbers are from Felicity Jane from the 2017 Joy kit, the background paper is Alexandra Renke, circle chipboard embellishment Pinkfresh Studio, and Christmas stamp is from Paislee Press.

My Reason Why each year is basically always the same, even though I have so many different reasons for doing this project the most important reason is for our family. I want nothing more than our family to remember all the amazing memories we have made each year, and specifically in this season.

I always prefer to open this project with a family photo, and this is one of my all-time favorites this year. I have used a full-page photo, and since this layout has a pocket I added an Ali Edwards transparency into the pocket.

My journaling and a simple title, echoing my Reason Why, is on the facing page. I began with the star patterned paper from Pinkfresh December Days, and notice how I cut it so the largest star was slightly off-centered. This made it so the Joy die cut could actually be in the center, and then I added a few more ornaments to balance. This left a great space for my hand-written journaling.

 One final stamp at the bottom, and these pages are complete!

I have a really awesome announcement to make and I hope you will join me! You may know that I have previously created and released two memory keeping classes, called In My Pocket. I retired those for a while, but am opening those classes up again for purchase! You can click this image below to learn more.

I know that many of us are already planning and plotting our 2019 memory keeping plans, and so with that in mind I hope you will join me on a personal journey through Volume 01, beginning January 15, 2019! What does this mean? If you sign up for the Bundle, Volume 01, or if you have previously purchased Volume 01, you will receive an invitation to receive weekly emails walking through the class, lesson by lesson. This is actually really exciting and I can’t wait to share with you each week the concepts introduced in the class! If you have already purchased the class or the bundle, you don’t have to do a thing, just look for your invitation in January and sign up! If you wish to participate, be sure to purchase the class and then look for your invitation as well. Also note the special pricing, from now until December 10, 2018, all In My Pocket classes are discounted! 

See you soon,


Documenting December In A Traveler’s Notebook | Creating the Notebooks

Hello Lovelies!!! Today I am publishing TWO videos to talk about how I am assembling the notebooks for my December Daily album! In this first video I talk about how I chose the papers that make up the actual notebooks and how they are stacked together. You can see the first video here.

Hopefully the above video showed how I chose the papers and individual papers for my notebooks. I created a formula for the notebooks that consisted of the following:

  • transparency or vellum cover
  • inside patterned paper
  • pocket page (made by me)
  • mixed media page (Canson brand)
  • vellum or transparency
  • patterned paper
  • mixed media page (in two of them I left this page out)

There are four notebooks altogether, which gives me tons of space to add photos, journaling, and all the pretty things I love to add each year. I don’t think I will actually use all four, and that is ok too. Look how full the notebook is already.

I really love seeing all the pages put together. In my second video you can see how I bound them.

I decided to sew these notebooks using twine and tapestry needles that have a large enough head to feed twine through. This was actually really fun and satisfying to see them come together!

I will add a little more here and there in the next few days and then plan to do a full walk through video of all the notebooks, so stay tuned for that near the end of November!

Thanks so much for joining me today! I am so excited for December to begin, and with this big chunk completed I feel ready! See you again soon!


December Daily is an album concept designed and marketed by Ali Edwards. You can learn more about the project and connect with others who are passionate about it at her website here.