Build Your Own Kit (BYOK)

BYOK (Build Your Own Kit) Bermuda Edition!!!!

Hi guys! Today I am shopping my stash so I can use all the fun products I have been saving for the Bermuda Honeymoon album! This is an important part for me to inspire me to use my products and I hope you will find some good tips too!

Just a little programming note: Next week is Spring Break for our kiddos and so I will be taking the week off to spend time and love on them a bit! You will still hear from me and I have something fun planned while I am away. See you back here again soon!


Two In One Today | Silhouette Tutorial and Build Your Own Kit Videos!

Hi guys! Today I actually have two videos to share with you. First, head over to the Scrap Explosion blog to see my tutorial for how to Print and Cut using the Silhouette! You can click here to see that: Scrap Explosion Blog.

I also had a supply order come in last week (I know, right before CHA!!!!) and thought I would share another Build Your Own Kit (BYOK) video with you so you can see how I plan my scrapbook shopping to help me get projects done, especially when you aren’t able to purchase all of a collection – you can combine them! So have a look here!

You will also notice I added a Category to my Sidebar so you can find my series on BYOK. Thanks so much for watching and enjoying my videos! See you soon!