Project Life 2016

Project Life 2016 Introduction Layout Using Project 52

Hi friends, so yesterday I introduced my plans for memory keeping for 2016 and am so excited about the response and I’m so happy to see the excitement in the industry about this project. I’m looking forward to a great scrapbooking year and I’m so happy you are here to share it! Today I created a video showing you how I created my Introduction layout in my 2016 album. This layout is a bit different from any I’ve done before – I’m creating in Real Time!!!!! So grab a cuppa something and settle in, it’s long but filled with some great tips!

Did you enjoy that? Leave me some comments down below and let me know how you like Real Time videos – some people love them and love to hear how I make my design decisions during the process. I’m not planning to make all my videos like this, but I would like to share a few in this way throughout the year!

So let me show you the layout that I created above, so you can take in all the details.

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

I chose one large photo on the one side and then all white cards on the right side of this layout. I decided to write my journaling on top of the photo, in the negative space provided by the slate terrace we were standing on. Then I set about to place embellishments.

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

For the journaling cards I added embellishments that carried the mint and pink color scheme throughout, with gold touches. I am absolutely in love with that little bird, and I overlapped her little wing tail just a tiny bit over the photo. She is a happy little bird!

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

The January card is lovely and simple, so I added a simple 2016 in gold. These two cards are very simple, and I used the Maggie Holmes heart transparency to create a tiny bit of overlap, again. Just to join these two cards together.

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

The lower card didn’t need much either, so two simple strips and done.

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

Here is a photo of the layout inside the album. Again, this is still my 2015 album while I work on finishing that year up, and then the new year’s layouts will have their final home in their own album later on. But for now, this is where it is.

Project Life Project 52 2016 Introduction Layout

I am loving working with the Project Life App and am loving these layouts. Stay tuned for the first week of layouts that I’m working on right now (you saw a sneak peek at those in my previous video and I can’t wait to show you those). 

See you soon!


**Project Life is the creative brainchild of Becky Higgins and is a system of memory keeping by the week. Project 52, in conjunction with the Project Life App, is the latest card kit and strategy of documenting the year, and more information can be found here: Becky Higgins.

**The embellishments I used in this layout are all part of the December Gossamer Blue subscriber kit. To learn more about their beautiful monthly kits, and to subscribe (to have someone do your scrapbook shopping for you!) please visit their website here: Gossamer Blue.

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Project Life/Project 52 2016 Introduction

Hi friends, and welcome back! It’s the start of a new year and that means a whole new Project Life! I am so excited to start it back up and get back in the routine of creating layouts and videos for you! I’ve been plotting and planning and thinking about how I want to approach my memory keeping this year, so I made a video for you. I hope you enjoy!

Ok, so as always, I want to provide you with my sources and link you up to the designers and products I reference in this video. Project 52 and Project Life are the creative brainchild of Becky Higgins, whose blog can be found here along with the many amazing products she offers. To view her post where she talks about how she used the Project Life App to document her 2015 memories, read here.

Because my blog is affiliated with, I like to post links to relevant items that are offered through their website. When you click on these links and when you purchase items through these links, you help to support this blog and my family. I thank you so kindly!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’ll be back soon with another process video and as always, go, do and create!

See you soon,