Welcome to Lesson 08! I am feeling quite bittersweet about heading towards the end of this class, but definitely know this is not the end. I am diving into a new project so let’s go!

Password: 2018impvol02

Last lesson I talked about my reasons for re-doing my 2013 album and today I want to chat with you about that. I have about 47 weeks of photos so I split that up into four batches and have 12 weeks of photos to put in those pockets and create layouts with those first 12 weeks. Obviously I won’t be able to share all 12 weeks of process videos here in this class, but I do plan to share some of those in the last two lessons of this class.

For this album, it is important to me to preserve the journaling from the original album, so I will be working with the two albums side by side. I am not really sure how that will look at this stage, but I think it will come together inherently as I complete each page.

For my photos, I just reprinted them all and started the print process all new. The benefit of this album will be that while I created the original in the moment, now it is retrospective and I have the gift of time. My perspective will be a bit different now!

A little perspective is a good thing – at the time in 2013 our family was still so new and there were so many unknowns as we tackled the challenges of blending two families. I now know that it all works out, so I think I will actually enjoy this process a whole lot!

My plan is to keep this album simple, just using Design A pocket pages for ease. I don’t plan to do any enlargements but I do have some 3×4 photos I want to include, so that drives my pocket page choices. Not all of the layouts will be two page spreads; some weeks will be combined.

I plan to share the first layouts along side the new layouts, and I want you to pay attention to the growth you will see. Doing our craft brings with it tremendous personal growth and I want us all to be able to embrace that growth. Also, life changes with every spin around the sun, and so also does our thought process, our creative process, and therefore, our albums. Be free in that, be free to evolve and grow and move forward!

Let’s have a look at the album with the photos in place and ready to fly!

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