Hi everyone and welcome to Lesson 04! In this lesson we will talk about my approach to retrospective albums, ie albums that are being created (or completed!) from the past vs current albums. Particularly I will share with you my approach to the second half of 2017.

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I think it is important to talk a bit about personal growth in this part of the class. If you’ve been scrapbooking for a few years you can probably see your own growth and progression in your albums. I can definitely see it in mine over the last 14 years, and I think this is amazing. I know some people want to find a specific way of memory keeping and want to be able to do that same process year after year, but I’m not sure that is realistic.

If you remember when Creative Memories was so popular in part because there was one specific way of doing memory keeping, and on the other hand many people got bored with that and moved beyond that one specific style. There is not a lot of room for growth, for evolving, for life changes even, when we do it one specific way year after year.

So I want you to give yourself permission to grow, develop, and even experiment in your own process. Part of the beauty of growth is that this makes each album unique and special in its own way. Embrace that!

2017 was especially significant for me because there was tremendous growth for me as well, and I am so happy to share it with you. For the first half of 2017 I did hybrid 12×12 layouts created in Photoshop, printed, and embellished on top. I did that with intent of learning my process for Photoshop and you can see those layouts and tutorials on my YouTube channel. I am so glad I did that because it most definitely helped me specifically learn and hammer down Photoshop and I encourage you to explore that process for yourself!

When I began the process for 2017 Album B, I wanted to get back to doing what I really love, pocket pages. I now have a great arsenal of Photoshop tools that will help me fill those pockets and have an even better process. I want you to be able to view your own projects as evolving and growing with you and your abilities as well.

One of the challenges with doing retrospective albums is selecting and printing photos. For this album I had about 4 months of photos to print, so I sent them off to be printed professionally. As I went through those photos, I realized that I still wanted the flexibility of having enlarged photos in my pocket pages, so I knew I would be adding in different styles of page protectors in this album, much like I am doing in 2018.

I think retrospective albums are inherently photo-based. The stories start with our photos. There is tremendous focus in our industry of starting with the story – tell your stories, begin with the story, tell the stories you want to tell – and there is tremendous value in that. However, it is also ok to start with photos and allow photos to be the trigger of what stories we want to tell. For me personally, I struggle with short term memory loss and so photos are particularly valuable for helping me remember.

Some of the challenges in completing albums or working with albums from previous years is absolutely selecting and printing photos . Some of my favorite tools in that are organizing photos by week, and also using an album outline or spreadsheet. You will see more of my photo organization in the video, and I encourage you to find ways of organizing that help you make that part more streamlined as well! Let’s check that out on the next page!

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