Hello lovelies and welcome to our final lesson of In My Pocket Volume 02!


One of the reasons I created Larkindesign as you see it today, and the biggest reason I began sharing my work online on my YouTube channel was because I really wanted to make some goals, reach those goals, and feel accomplished in my memory keeping. I knew I probably wasn’t alone in that feeling, that perhaps there were others who felt the same way! So I set out to inspire, educate, and encourage. THANK YOU for being such a wonderful part of our community and THANK YOU for supporting me in this endeavour! It is my sincerest hope that the In My Pocket classes have helped you un-complicate your memory keeping and feel accomplished as well!

At the time, back in 2015, I looked around at my albums and various layouts and all the crazy supplies and wondered if I could actually quantify how much memory keeping I had accomplished over the years, so I went through everything. I pulled every album off the shelf and set out to finish as many as I could. One of the things that drove me the craziest was when I would pull an album off the shelf, papers and photos and notes and product would come tumbling out. Unfinished pages, sticky notes everywhere, it was all a giant mess!

So out of all that Larkindesign grew and became a thing. I started prioritizing projects and setting out album plans, and everything I have learned in those processes I have been sharing with you all here and publicly. I wanted to have albums on the shelf that I considered to be finished, that didn’t have things falling out of them and that I would be proud to have family and friends look at.


I want this for you too, my dear friends! I want you to be proud of all the memory keeping you have done and I want you to feel accomplished at all you are doing to document your wonderful memories! Let’s do this together!


I did this in Volume 01 as well, and want to be sure to include this segment here too. When you finish checking off all your layouts on your list, and you consider the album to be complete (yay throw confetti!) go back and tie up all your loose ends. What do I mean by that? Well, you know how sometimes you need to finish up a journaling card, or you have a date that you still need to check on? Any sticky notes still left on your pages? Any little details that you have left behind, maybe even full layouts that you skipped over for some reason – now is the time to go back and finish those up.


Before you put your completed albums back on the shelf and move on to the next project, walk through that album and finish it for reals!


Interestingly enough, I don’t really have an album at this time that I am ready to do that with, but you can see how I did that with my Disney album. This is not an exclusive video, but it is a great example of how I did this for that album, and also if you are a part of In My Pocket Vol 01 you will be able to see me do this with my 2012 Project Life album too.

You will be so happy you did this one last step! I was amazed at how satisfying this last step can be, and how affirming it is to know there are albums on my shelf that I can truly feel proud of. I want the same for you!

If has truly been my joy to share this class and my processes with you! Thank you again for being here and for being part of the LD brand! Let’s have a look at the final two process videos.

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