Hi everyone and welcome to Lesson 06! Let’s chat about Journaling today!

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I haven’t actually talked about this topic in the classes yet, so this is going to be fun! I do have two small caveats to share with you.

1. I am a writer but I still struggle with writing. I write for three blogs, in my previous work life I wrote Interior Design specifications, but I have challenges too so if you feel challenged by journaling you are in good company!

2. Keep in mind that the stories you tell and the words you write on the page are your words and your experiences. They are yours alone. Others who go through the same life circumstances may interpret those events very differently, and that is ok. However you experience life and however you document your life is ok!

Being authentic is actually the telling of your stories and your life from your own perspective, in your own words. Give yourself that permission to tell these stories the way you see them!

For the purposes of 2017 Album B, I am writing retrospectively. My photos are the jumping off point for these stories because they serve as my reminder for the stories from that year. I have talked about my own memory challenges and am incredibly thankful for those photos because they help me remember. When I began my Disney album I was worried about being able to remember specific stories, almost to the point of not creating the album at all!

I want you to give yourself permission to tell the stories you remember, however you remember them. My Disney album ended up being filled with great photos and stories because I simply started and the stories came to me inherently in that process.

I also want you to remember that some of the magic of our albums comes from looking through these albums later on and remember stories that were never written down in those albums! Our albums become this awesome spark for our memories!

I particularly love pocket pages because the photos provide the spark for the stories and they help me remember what happened, on a week by week basis. I struggle with coming up with stories to start layouts with, and if I only scrapbooked by starting with a story I might not get any layouts done.

I also love that a 3×4 pocket is so much easier to fill than a 12×12 page. Same with 4×6’s – it is so much less overwhelming and they allow us to tell one story at a time sparked by the photo next to it. That is awesome!

However you tell your stories is really awesome, so I want you to think about the ways you tell your stories best. What kinds of journaling do you love? Do that. There for sure is no right or wrong, there is no too much or too little, the way you write best is the way you should do it.

Let’s talk a little about the tools we have to help us tell our stories. Handwritten, computer, typewriter, and journaling spots/prompts are tools that come immediately to mind. QR codes and videos, verbal story telling also, and even product helps us tell our stories. And obviously, photos tell stories themselves. A photo is still worth a thousand words, so keep in mind all of these contribute to our story telling.

I am particularly fond of handwritten journaling because it comes from my thoughts directly. Ali Edwards calls it stream of consciousness, which for me takes pressure off. I do love typed font, and I love to combine the two tools on the same layout because they help me to actually get more words on my layouts.

Once you identify your favorite tools, then work to incorporate them best into your layouts. For 2017 I wanted to still include handwritten journaling along with typed journaling, in an attempt to get more words on the page. I really liked combining the two and feel really good about the journaling on my pages! It also helped me relax a bit about my journaling – the stories are being told inherently in the process of creating pages.

I want you to give yourself permission to journal in the ways that work best for you – and then feel good about your journaling. All the sentences you write and all the journaling cards you fill up make up your stories and that is fantastic!

There is also something to be said for photos that tell the stories they are telling all by themselves, no captions necessary. I encourage you to follow Caylee Grey, who does create gorgeous Project Life albums with some spreads that are light on journaling. Take it with the ebb and flow of the creative process where some layouts will be word-heavy and others will be photo-heavy.

No stress here, friends! Enjoy your process and embrace your outcomes!

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