Hi friends and welcome to the halfway point of the course! Thank you so much for being a part of this class, I am so happy you are here! Today let’s talk a bit more about my Photo Strategies for my 2017 Album B.

Password: 2018impvol02

For 2017 this album is retrospective, ie: creating an album from the past, vs. a current album, which presents differently. In this type of album we are going back in time, which can be somewhat overwhelming. This might mean going back through a whole ton of photos and selecting + printing those photos.

For my 2017 album I was working with 4 months, which isn’t too bad. I do have an excellent Lightroom tutorial in In My Pocket Volume 01 for using Lightroom to help with selecting and editing photos in a batch session. I highly recommend Lightroom for projects like this when you feel overwhelmed by quantities of photos!

I use Photoshop heavily in my memory keeping, and it is what I’ve used for this album as well. The photos were all organized by month~week, and I simply chose 6-7 photos for each week. Some of those weeks were light on photos, so I selected some photos to be enlarged. Just like in 2018, the current year, I wanted to use some different page protectors and some enlargements to help tell these stories. I am loving this approach so much and it is what is working for me!

It can present a challenge to decide which photos should be enlarged? I tend to gravitate towards landscape photos, sky photos, and/or living room photos because those types of photos give space for titles and journaling, if you wish! Some of those layouts have already been shared here and publicly so you can already see how those enlargements have been used in the album.

The most important thing is to select, print and use the photos you love. If you love those photos you will find ways to incorporate them into your album and you will love it. You can also use inserts or smaller pocket pages if you’d like.

Typically I print at home for current year, but for 2017 I batch printed through Persnickety Prints. Their quality is always spot on and their customer service is amazing and they *get* pocket page scrapbooking. I added white borders directly on the website after I uploaded the photos to their site – it’s just a simple button you click and it’s really stress free. You can also name your photo files in ways that tell you where they belong in your album, and Persnickety prints that file name on the back, which helps stay organized!!

All of these things can be slightly stressful, but once this part is done then you have freedom just to be creative. Once you slide the photos into the pockets, you are free to fly, so to speak, and the real fun can begin!

I know some of this sounds like 2018, because these two albums are being created side by side, and this is the process that is working for me at this time. Do you have a process that is working for you right now? That is awesome – keep going! If not, I invite you to take a look at the workbook and think about some ways you can get to a place where your system works for you, and also evolves for you.

Let’s have a look at the process videos for this lesson.

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