I’d also like to share with you a process video from my 2017 Album B, for Week 31. Take a look!

Password: 2018impvol02

One of the things I love about pocket page layouts is the ability to use a variety of favorite products, both designed for pocket pages and designed for traditional layouts! For this layout I began with my Week card from the Larkindesign collection, and I added Paige Evans’ Turn the Page collection as well. For this page I laid out elements from the cut-apart sheet from the collection, and am layering stamps and die cuts and puffy stickers on top.

For the date card, I already have the dates and week number on the card, but I did want to embellish just a tiny bit, so I used the Turn the Page stamps here. I’ve added layered floral stamps to create the clusters, and then I added a few tiny puffy stickers for dimension and fun.

Our stories this week included Natalie’s birthday, lots of time spent at the pool, and even some sleepy time. Addison and Emberlynn are in Florida at this time, so they are not in any of the photos!

For journaling cards I used some plain white cardstock 3×4 cards as bases. One of the challenges with using cut apart sheets is that they typically don’t have much white space or journaling space, so use the cardstock to incorporate those into your layouts. Here I’ve used wood block stamps with lines, and I have masked off when the stamps are larger than the cards. I also still add little embellishments to the cards!

I love this snapshot of Nick still in the bed. This actually documents a funny little story about him as well – he sleeps under his blanket every night and does not pull his sheets or comforter out so he doesn’t have to make his bed every day. So hilarious! But this is one of those representative images – I didn’t have to take a photo like this every day, or every week, just this one photo represents the late sleeping in that happened over the summer!

On the right hand side of the page, I began with a photo of Alan while we were grocery shopping. We discovered a new store called LIDL and we love it! The eat dessert first card underneath goes perfectly with Alan bagging up donuts. Ha!

Any Mom of boys and girls will tell you that photos such as this can be few and far between, so this one is rather special of Nick and Natalie together. This was taken during Natalie’s first birthday celebration and is one of my absolute favorite photos of all time.

The bottom 4×6 card I left as it is, no embellishing, no journaling, just a beautiful filler card. For the smaller cards above it I added journaling plus stamped lines and a simple floral die cut, and a few tiny puffy stickers for the inspirational card as well.

The perfect photo to end with here, of Nick and Natalie jumping into the pool. I think I mentioned in the video that this photo is a clever Photoshop alteration because these two kept tricking each other – one would jump and the other would stay behind! So I clipped them both in together and I adore it. Such life captured here!

That is all for Lesson 01. See you in the next lesson!


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