In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

Setting Priorities

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I am delighted to present this class to you and cannot wait to share with you some of the things I have learned from 5 years of doing pocket pages!

First I want to tell you about how I set goals in my scrapbooking, because this became the jumping off point for me to actually get albums done. Several years ago I realized I never really felt comfortable with anyone looking at the albums I have (at last count it was 52 total albums) because I did not feel like they were complete! Some of them are finished, like my December albums, but some of them you can’t even pick up without photos or papers falling out of them. How embarrassing! But also, how sad that I have created so many beautiful layouts over the course of 13 years, but that I don’t like for people to look at them.

So I set out to change that. For many months I had a going list on our white board that contained all my projects – some of them were pocket page albums, some were mini albums, you know, just whatever was on my mind to work on. After we moved in 2014, I then realized how many of those projects I was actually working on – which ones were really inspiring and pressing to me.  It was actually my pocket pages and Project Life albums! Those albums became my priority.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize our scrapbooking goals, can’t it?”

Sometimes it can be difficult to prioritize our scrapbooking goals, can’t it? We don’t know if we should scrapbook today, or yesterday, or previous years? For me, it became about what was real and present. Our lives before 2011 were filled with challenges and difficulties that brought us together. We have found so much joy together as a family, and that is what I want to remember the most. That is what I want our children to remember.

So my priority, and then as a result my strategy, became simply to document what is relevant to today. How did we get to where we are today? What stories are relevant today? From there I created a strategy to complete (yes, complete!) albums so I can be proud of those 52 (and counting) albums sitting on my shelf! We are going to chat about my strategies throughout this class, but here is the main one I want you to remember: We can’t do it all, and we can’t do it all perfectly, BUT we can set goals and work at those goals a week at a time, a layout at a time. That has been a big part in my accomplishments over the last two years – literally just a week at a time, a layout at a time. I hope this class will inspire you to set your own goals and we will tackle them together, one at a time!

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