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In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

Class Introduction

Password: imp2017vol01

Hello memory keepers!

Welcome to In My Pocket, a memory keeping class dedicated to pocket scrapbooking and all things related to weekly documenting! I am so excited you are here and I hope you are ready to embark upon an inspiring journey to help you with your own memory keeping. 

My name is Theresa Moxley and I have been doing pocket pages since 2011. For the last two years I have been sharing with you every pocket page I have created and quite a few of my finished albums (**throw confetti!**). All of those projects and videos can be accessed any time on the sidebar to the right. You are warmly invited to view those projects and my hope is that they inspire and delight you!

This class is designed first and foremost for people who enjoy photo documenting on a regular basis and who are interested in using pocket pages to house those photos along with words, embellishments, and ephemera. If you are already using pocket pages, you also are so very much welcome here because there is tons of information and inspiration to be had.

My plan is to share 10 lessons with you, one per week as long as the class is running, plus an ending lesson to wrap up all that we have learned. Each lesson will include a face to face video going over the basics of that week’s information, and then 2 or 3 process videos in which I create layouts from our own personal albums. I will be working through older albums, in particular 2012 and 2013, but I will certainly include tips and tricks for beginning an album from nothing.

“My hope is to inspire you and help you begin the foundation for your own album, plus a plan, to complete your albums.”

While this class is designed to give you all the tools you need to successfully finish an album, the plan is not to complete an album in the twelve-week time frame. I have never completed a pocket page album in twelve weeks, although if you are dedicated and want to do that, you should! But my hope is to inspire you and help you begin the foundation for your own album, plus a plan, to complete your albums. I absolutely believe we should feel a sense of accomplishment when we look at our albums, and we should be proud to share them with our friends and family! I hope to help you meet that goal!

What is pocket page scrapbooking? Well, somewhere around 2003 or 2004, people began taking regular photo albums such as 4-ups or 3-ups and making mini-albums with them using their regular scrapbooking supplies. Becky Higgins at the time was working as one of the editors of Creating Keepsakes and was known for her popular sketches. She developed the Project Life system which featured pocket pages in a 12×12 format, and she promoted weekly documenting to help create family albums. Her products and her work can be seen at I have used so many of her products over the years and will be using many of them throughout this class, and I am incredibly thankful to be using this system!

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