Hi guys! Welcome to the first lesson for In My Pocket Memory Keeping class! In this lesson we will be talking about our basic starting point for pocket page layouts, the album itself. We will talk about choosing the album, planning its contents, and will actually create an outline for our album.

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An outline? Really? Yes! I now create an outline with every album I own or am planning to begin, so that I know exactly what I want the end result to be. Becky Higgins talks frequently about having an end goal in mind, and I most whole heartedly agree with her. For me, creating an outline helps me to know approximately how many layouts I want to complete and what is in each of those layouts. I love that every time I want to work on a certain project, I know exactly which layout is next and what is included in that layout. And obviously, for the current year I automatically know that the photos I took in any particular week are the photos I have to choose from for that layout.

This also frees up brain space for me. Do you ever lay at night and worry about how you’re going to get all your scrapbook layouts done? I do, and doesn’t it sound like the craziest thing to worry about!!?! But if you know anything about list-making, or bullet journaling, then you know that simply building a list can take the burden off your shoulders. For me, simply seeing my outline gives my brain a rest because now I know how I am going to get this done. I know approximately how many layouts, how many weeks, and even how many page protectors I need. My brain is now free to focus on the creative process.

It really is not very complicated, it just takes a bit of time and thought. Let me walk you through my own process for creating the album outline for my 2018 album. In this video I will open my Photos folder and my spreadsheet side by side in order to determine which photos belong in which layout, and overall how many layouts I have to finish in order to complete this particular album.

Password: imp2017vol01

In the workbook you will find a more complete version of my outline that you are welcome to print and fill out yourself as you go through your own album or project. That outline looks like this:

To use in Excel, download here

Two things that are most helpful: how you organize your photos and the metadata included in your photos. We will talk more about metadata in the next lesson when we will talk about technology. But you definitely want to organize your photos in a way that helps you narrow down those choices. Whether you organize weekly, monthly, or by event is entirely up to you! I started out organizing by month and event, and then as I transitioned fully into Project Life weekly became the better way for me.

The outline I have created so far for 2018 is based on my photo organization by month and event. I encourage you to create your own outline using the form that is included in the PDF for this lesson, because we will refer to that outline often throughout this class and throughout our process. I simply include at this point the dates and events in chronological order. Whether they have been completed or not, printed or not, does not matter at this stage. We simply want a total list of all the layouts.

“Remember that this list doesn’t have to be exhaustive, nor are we married to it. We can always add more or subtract layouts going forward, but for now this is our goal.”

Remember that this list doesn’t have to be exhaustive, nor are we married to it. We can always add more or subtract layouts going forward, but for now this is our goal.

Once the outline is complete, let’s walk through the album and see what state the album itself is in.

Password: imp2017vol01

I hope this part of the process has been helpful for you! I think starting out is the hardest part, but once you have this all put together, then it’s time to get stuff done! Let’s create some layouts. Click below to go to the process videos for this lesson.

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