Larkindesign In My Pocket Memory Keeping Volume 2!!!

Announcing In My Pocket Volume 2, a follow-up class to last year’s In My Pocket Volume 1!

I am so excited to share another volume in pocket page memory keeping this year! I had so much fun creating with you last year, so let’s do it again!

This year the focus will be three different approaches to pocket page albums. I will be sharing my methods for current year, 2018, going back and catching up, 2017, and also I will start a previous year over, 2013.

This class will include ten lessons plus an introduction. Each class includes a chat video and at least two process videos, plus other videos that show my whole approach. It is my hope that my process will help set you on a great path to successfully documenting your own story on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Pocket pages have been a regular part of my memory keeping for six years now. You have probably watched my processes over the years as I have shared them here and on YouTube. These classes offer a more in-depth look at how I start these albums and how I set it up so I can finish these albums! 

Here is my anticipated timeline for this class: 

  • Pre-order for the class is open now! You will receive an email that secures your spot in the class. Pre-order includes a special discount, AND I will be bundling Volume 1 and 2 if you haven’t had the chance to take that class yet!
  • The class begins hopefully around the middle of February. Pre-order will end, but you can join the class at any time and follow the lessons as we go along and at your own pace!

Click either option below to purchase!!!!

I am so excited to offer another volume of this class and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom!