Hi everyone, today Sabrina is on the blog sharing these amazing tips to getting your own photos and getting yourself in your albums! Be sure to check out her About Me Page, where you can connect with her on all your favorite social media.


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share some fun and easy ways to include yourself in your photos more. It is not always easy, but your family (and you!) will appreciate having these photos to look back on. I even snap selfies with NO makeup on now AND scrap them! That took awhile to get use to, but its worth it. Let’s get started on some tips.

1. Use Snapchat filters.

This may sound like such a silly thing to do if your Mom or just an older woman, but nothing makes you feel better than some goofy filters. There is always a filter on there that can make you laugh or feel extra pretty. Sometimes it takes me right back to be a little kid and being excited over dress up or face painting. 

2. Grab those kiddos, hubby and family and snap away.

I make more of an effort now to snap photos of me with my family members. Even if its an ordinary day, I still capture photos. In this layout I used the March Larkingdesign digital collection, Grow Deeper Roots, and I scrapped several photos of my kiddos and I in my in-laws backyard. I don’t think I’m wearing makeup and I’m certainly not glamorous, but the pictures show proof of us in that moment. That’s priceless. So keep snapping photos, take a bunch in case you have reluctant people and capture the everyday.

3. Pose in front of a window.

This will make you feel glamorous or ethereal. 🙂 Standing in front a window will cause an instant white background which makes for an ‘perfect’ selfie. In the January Larkindesign release called Out With the Old I took a window selfie, tinted it pink a little and paired it with a quote from the release to make this traveler’s notebook spread.


4. Embrace your selfie and join a movement

If it takes 50 shots to get 1 you are ok with, do it! Then you can use this selfie to participate in an Instagram challenge started by Kristin Tweedale called #thursday3. You post a current selfie and 3 current facts about your life right now. It is the best way to connect with other women, other creatives and other people embracing themselves. This is exactly what I did for this spread I did using some April releases. I stood in front a window (see previous tip) and snapped several photos before I headed out for the day. Here’s the layout:


5. Celebrate yourself with selfies

By snapping selfies of yourself and just getting in the photos you are leaving behind a piece of you and that is a wonderful thing. I would even say its necessary. You are a complex person full of awesome stories that deserve to be told. Also, since so many scrapbookers and creatives are busy Moms that is even more reason to tell your story and document that photos of you and pieces of you. 

I hope these tips inspire you to tell more of your story, step in front of the camera more and embrace everything that makes you YOU! 

xoxo Sabrina


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