Hello Lovelies, today I am so excited to have Creative Team Member Maribeth Lysen on the blog! If you’d like to learn more about Maribeth and connect with her on social media, check out her About Me Page!

Hi everyone,

This is my opening page for my 2018 album: 


I adore the florals in the Out With the Old Collection! I used several of the floral journaling cards to create my pocket layout. I added in some physical embellishments from Felicity Jane, Ali Edwards, & Studio Calico to complete the page. 


I thought I would share the five things I’m thinking about for my 2018 memory keeping plan: 

#1. Continue with monthly format for my pocket pages. One thing I enjoyed about tackling my first December Daily in 2017, was Ali’ Edwards’ approach that it doesn’t matter what day the photo happened on in the grand scheme of things. That was such awesome advice! Some of my days had lots of photos and some had none, especially work days where I did zero holiday related activities. By being flexible with my dates, I was able to shuffle things around. I’ll be carrying this idea forward in my 2018 Project Life. As long as it gets in the right month, the order of the photos doesn’t really matter. 

#2. Devote a full two page spread to one day/event when it’s a really cool day. I am lucky enough to have a gig where some days I get to do a bunch of neat stuff in my city. That can lead to tons of photos for a single day. I’ll create those pages and stick them in the appropriate month and call it good. 


#3. Use the supplies I love, when I love them. Theresa talks about this in her In My Pocket Class Volume 1 and it has been a great take away for me! 

#4. Work on the gaps in my albums from previous years as time allows, but be gentle with myself when it doesn’t happen. 2015 was a rough year for me and I have very little documented. My plan for that year is to do more of it digitally, print, and embellish if/when time allows. If that year only ends up having one album, I’m okay with that. 

#5. Incorporate more everyday life ephemera. I did that a lot when I first started PL in 2013 and I miss seeing those little every day bits like receipts and movie tickets. 

I want to keep it fun, fresh, and moving forward. What’s your 2018 memory keeping plan? 

Happy Scrapping, 


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