Hello lovelies! Today Creative Team member Neftali Zambrano is on the blog to talk about her plans for 2018 Project Life! You can learn more about Neftali and follow her on all her social media here: Neftali Zambrano.

Hello there everyone! It’s Neftali here, and I am happy to be back today to share with you some very special goals I have set for myself for 2018 involving Project Life.

But first, can I tell you a secret? I have never done Project Life! I know what you might be thinking, what is she gonna do with all of the awesome designs by Theresa, then? Well, I have realized that now would be the most perfect time for me to take on this goal of mine, that I’ve actually had since I first heard of pocket page memory keeping, about 6 years ago! I have absolutely everything I need to do it, and so my goal this year is to take on my very first year of Project Life memory keeping.

So I thought I would come to share with you all the first steps I have taken to try out my own little version for my memory keeping adventures using what I’ve learned from Theresa’s In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class Vol. 1 and the very beautiful January “Out With The Old” collection.

So one of the biggest takeaways I had from the first few lessons in the In My Pocket Memory Keeping class was that the first thing that needs to happen before you take on your first Project Life journey, is to have a plan. In that plan you need to include the type of format you want to have for your pocket pages, the album size, and finally the way you’ll keep track of photos and how you’ll go about printing them. 

Well, if you’re a newbie to pocket page memory keeping like me, you can imagine how this can leave you feeling quite overwhelmed, since these are pretty big choices! However, it’s normal, just like starting anything new is a bit nerve racking at first. But the choices can still be made and it can all be done with your personal style and preference in mind. The important thing is that you start taking your first steps, then the rest will fall in place.

So after the first lesson in mind I decided on a few key points that I think will help keep me focused on this year long project and I wanted to share these with you. I have decided that:

1. I want to have at least 12 6×8 albums (or similar size) by the end of the year, with each book specific to one month of photos and documenting. I will work in an 6×8 Album format, but I am also giving myself the freedom to change up the sizes of albums each month. Although 12×12 is a more common format for Project Life, I still feel a little more intimidated to work on such large spreads. So I will stick with what makes me feel most comfortable. If 12×12 works for you, go for it!

2. I will print my photos on a weekly basis, at the end of the week, each week! I don’t have the luxury of printing at home, and that’s okay. However, it’s a bit more difficult to print and get crafty when I have to send out my photos to print. Luckily, I have found that my local drug store can have my photos ready within an hour if I am in a rush to get crafty. But, most importantly, I feel that if I keep to my weekly printing schedule I will keep a very steady pace in my books. 

3. I am giving myself the freedom to create both in-pocket and out of pocket elements in each book, if I wish to do so. One of my biggest fears is that I will feel a little restrained by working in divided sections since I’m so used to splashing my pages freely with whatever comes my way. But who said I can’t do the same in my Project Life? It’s my book and my own project and I can do whatever I wish to make it feel my own and to keep me inspired to keep going. So can you!

So now that you guys know my basic foundation and ideas for my books, how about I show you inside my first few entries! That’s all there’s left to do, really. The scary part is over.  I know what goals I have set for myself, and now the best part is that I can get started right away!

So, I took my 6×8 Album and filled it with a few page protectors and the first thing I created was my cover page. I used the beautiful 3×4 black and white brush strokes card and sized it in a word document to 6×8 and printed that out on cardstock to use as the background. I also took the 3×4 card that has the floral element and sized and printed the same way, but then fussy cut the flower to layer atop the black and white card with some foam dots. I just added my title “Hello 2018” with some wood veneer alphas and at the bottom right corner I added the cute quote from one of the 4×6 journaling cards from the collection. I did also add just a little bit of stitching around the edges of the flower and around my page to give it a more finished look. That’s it for my cover page:

Then I had this brilliant idea to use up the 3×4 Monthly Calendar cards that Theresa designed to add behind my cover page. I plan to include these cards in each one of my books this year and that way we’ve got the monthly calendar in each book to let me know what month the book pertains to. I used a bit of a mix of my own supplies to decorate it a bit, and I gotta say that it dressed up really cute!

I chose my embellishments based on the colors of the large number “1” and also added a bit of a border with some patterned paper to the left hand side to fill in the 6×8 gap that was missing since I cut the card a bit too narrow. The tag and die cuts with the word “begin” and “fresh start” are from the Citrus Twist Kit’s January cut apart sheet, and don’t they just go perfect? Now I’ve got my January calendar card ready to go into it’s pocket.

To the right of the calendar page I used the 3×4 page protector to create sort of my dashboard, including some fun cards from this month’s collection and my intentions for the year. I love everything about this spread, take a closer look:

So basically these first 3 spreads are my introduction into my January book. I am now ready to print my first weeks photos and get creative on the rest of the month’s spreads. I think that this was a great start in my book, and most of those first jitters are slowly dissipating as I am finding my way through this new project! 

I really hope that this blog post has been encouraging and informative for everyone, but especially those who are just getting into Project Life and are trying to find their way through it all. The best part for me has been that I have taken Theresa’s course which is filled to the brim with information on how you can take this project and make it your own. She has so many ideas and tips and completely guides you in a way that you can still make this project your own. I hope you consider joining her class and then Volume 2 which is under production right now. Once you do that, you will feel so inspired to use her digital products in your own books!

So, that’s it from me for today. Thanks for stopping by and reading through this lengthy blog post, I hope you’ve taken some good tips with you. I will be back next month with more inspiration for you all. Stay crafty!

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