Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara Scraps | Natalie’s 4th Grade Layout

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

Hello Lovelies, today is a bonus layout and process video for you as I am participating in Sara Scraps’ YouTube Hop, Learning Is An Adventure! I hope you will follow along with the other ladies who are participating in this Hop over on YouTube today and have fun! You can see my video here.

I still had the die cut paper from Paige Evans Whimsical collection, so today was all about using that paper and adding some fun embellishments from my stash! My photo is from Natalie’s first day of 4th grade, so this layout will go in her personal album.

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

I backed the die cut paper with a pink patterned paper from Paige Evans Truly Grateful collection, and lifted up the flowers and leaves and butterflies so that would show through. The centers of these flowers make just the most fun places for embellishments, so I just brought out everything I had and started having fun! Anything that was pink, mint, yellow, or coral was fair game.

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

I find it so incredibly satisfying to use up embellishments like this, and it definitely adds so much interest to the page. I have used chipboard from Ali Edwards, flair from Dear Lizzy, wood buttons and floral die cuts from Truly Grateful, and acrylic star + butterfly from Dear  Lizzy as well.

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

My title is the 4 from Felicity Jane and the -th grade layered on top of a die cut journal spot from Truly Grateful. I added my journaling once everything was in place by writing in a curve to follow the embellishments around the page. How fun!

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

I just love seeing the back paper peaking through! As final touch I stamped my date and called this one done.

Larkindesign Learning Is An Adventure YouTube Hop with Sara | Natalie's 4th Grade Layout

Thanks so much for joining me today! If you’d like to learn more about my processes for our kids’ albums, I invite you into the classroom. In My Pocket Kids Album Edition opens this week and is already available for pre-order right here: In My Pocket Kids Album Edition.

Here is a link to each participant in the Hop:

Hello and Welcome to my stop along the Learning Is An Adventure You Tube Hop! Along this hop, you will find inspiration of all grades! You are going to lovethis hop!
Eileen Scrapmazing- https://youtu.be/j0UycEPT5ic

See you again soon!


Project Life 2018 Catch Up | Assess and Print!

Larkindesign Project Life 2018 Catch Up | Assess and Print!

Hello Lovelies and welcome back to my September Finish It Series! In order to finish up an album it is important to regain your bearings so to speak, and just assess what you have already accomplished. Then you know exactly what you have left to do! In this video I will chat with you about the status of my 2018 Project Life album, and then I will share how I print my photos using the Print To Pocket Action No. 01.

The Print To Pocket Action No 01 is available for purchase here: Larkindesign Print To Pocket No. 01

You can learn more about In My Pocket Vol 01 here: Larkindesign In My Pocket Vol 01

Next week I will share some actual process videos and I am so excited to get going on this album. See you soon!


Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Seven Brands!!!!

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Seven Brands!!!!

Hello Lovelies and welcome back to Finish It September! I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a product review of scrapbook Page Protectors, so that is what we are going to do today! You can watch my video here.


As I was working through the details of this product review I wanted to be clear about the features that were important to me when choosing which page protectors to use in my scrapbook albums. I have used so many over the years and on the surface it might seem like all are just the same, but there are distinguishing features that, once you are aware of them, might sway you. These are the features I have compared:

  1.  Size of the pockets. Some brands use 3×4 pockets that are true to size. Other brands make those pockets just a bit smaller, at 2.97″, in order to accommodate the seams of the page protector. Most brand name pocket page cards are also cut down to the 2.97″ width, and many digital designers size their digital cards the same. So it is important to know what your favorite brands do in this regard. Any card can be cut down a bit, although I know some people get frustrated by that. Others might feel frustrated by having cards that are too small, or fit loosely in the pocket.
  2. Strength of seams. This is something that is a concern if you use lots of dimensional products on your pages, or if you have small children. It definitely can be frustrating to purchase a pack of page protectors and have them rip as you are sliding your cards in and out of the pockets!
  3. How they look. How they look in your albums, how they look when used with other brands, and also how clear are the page protectors. I have a set of protectors from We R Memory Keepers from several years ago that are blue tinged! They may also be different sized depending on how each brand accommodates the seams, which means some might be wider than others.

These are the things I have taken into consideration in this product review, so let’s take a closer look at each brand I have reviewed. This is by no means comprehensive, I am sure there are many I have missed. These were just the brands I am most familiar with and have access to.

Scrapbook.com (link to purchase)

This brand is relatively new to the page protector and album side of our industry, and promises to be a welcome source for this product. I ordered a new pack of page protectors from Scrapbook.com just to see how they are, because I had never tried them before. My opinion of these is that they probably need a bit more reinforcing on the pocket seams but they are a good product. Here is what I found:

  • Nice page weight, feel pretty good in your hand, fairly clear.
  • Pocket tore a bit when I pulled on it.
  • Consistent pocket page sizes, sized for 2.97″ cards
  • A bit larger than Project Life page protectors.
  • All design styles available.
  • Reasonably priced at $0.39 each on sale.

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Becky Higgins Project Life Design A

Becky Higgins Project Life (link to purchase)

Obviously, we don’t really know what the future holds for this brand, however they are the page protectors I am most familiar with and offer a good comparison point. They are an excellent option and are still available so here is what I know about them, having used them for so many years:

  • Nice page weight, they feel great in your hand, and are clear pages.
  • I have never had pages tear from Project Life, I know this is something she has worked hard on.
  • Pocket sizes are fairly consistent but there is always one 3×4 pocket that is a tiny bit smaller.
  • All design styles available for a limited time.
  • Reasonably priced at #0.49 each, when you buy the Big Pack.

Simple Stories  (link to purchase)

I have used these off an on for years and love that they have a slightly different variation of the traditional Design A. They also have a page protector with the 6×8 photo which is great for when you want to use a larger photo for emphasis. Overall I love using this brand!

  • Great selection of page protectors and different varieties that other brands don’t have.
  • The 6×8 slides in sideways, just for your information.
  • Clear pockets, excellent page weight.
  • Strong seams, appear to hold up well.
  • Slightly larger than the Project Life page protectors.
  • Page styles available are slightly different than Project Life branded.
  • Downside: Simple Stories it seems is retiring their 12×12 page protectors so these will not be available for much longer.

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Simple Stories

We R Memory Keepers (link to see availability)

These have long been favorites for me, and are probably ones I buy most often because I purchase their albums most often. Here is what I find:

  • Trusted brand, not going anywhere.
  • Great quality with strong seams and clear pages.
  • I have one batch that is blue but that seems to be a one-off.
  • Good variety of options.
  •  Limited page styles are available, standard Project Life Design A is not.
  • Affordable at $0.32 each for 12×12 pages.

Echo Park (link to purchase)

This is also a brand I am not particularly familiar with but have used in a pinch. They call their divided page protectors Photo Freedom and have limited options but it is a brand that is available. Here is what I found:

  • Great quality, trusted brand.
  • Clear pages, feel good in the hand.
  • Three styles available, full 12×12, all 3×4 pockets, and the Design A style.
  • A bit more expensive at $0.54 each for divided page style.

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Echo Park With Hybrid Layout

Hobby Lobby / Paper Studio (link to purchase)

I discussed in my video my reluctance to share this brand because of some of their business practices, but they are a readily available brand in many states and can be a reasonable option for many. Here is what I found:

  • Page protectors are light and thin overall.
  • Fairly good clarity.
  • Full 3×4 pockets so Studio Calico cards, for example, will float a bit.
  • Larger than Project Life pages.
  • Standard 12×12 and divided Design A style available.
  • Expensive at $0.60 each, although you can use your coupon for 40% off, which would make them $0.36 each.

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | Studio Calico | Bermuda Honeymoon Album

Studio Calico (link to purchase)

This brand is sort of the industry standard for page protectors and they have come quite a long way over the years! I love using this brand and always find their quality to be above average. Of course they have gone to the 9×12 size which means making a decision to go smaller. Here is what I found:

  • Great quality page protectors that hold up over time.
  • Look great in albums and have a great clarity.
  • Sized for Studio Calico cards (and of course, Ali Edwards as well).
  • Consistent pocket sizes.
  • Options available are in 3×8, 6×8, 6×12, and 9×12. The 9×12 protectors are available in four different styles, a full page, a modified Design A, (9) 3×4, and (9) 4×4.
  • Expensive at $1.05 each.

Larkindesign Scrapbook and Project Life Page Protector Comparison and Review | 2018 Project Life

I hope this has been a helpful resource to you as you navigate different page protector options that are available. Of course none of this is designed to be comprehensive, there are brands such as Creative Memories and Close To My Heart that I have not reviewed but I encourage you to try any and every brand and find your own favorites. My main purpose in writing this post is to show that there are other options out there, and while it is a bit sad to see Project Life not offer physical products for the foreseeable future, we wish Becky Higgins all the best in the future and are incredibly thankful for her contributions to this craft. As a long-time Project Lifer, I am incredibly thankful to have a way of memory keeping that helps me document my own family life in very powerful and meaningful ways!

Chat soon!



September 2019 Chat Video and Life Update!

Larkindesign September 2019 Chat Video and Life Update!

Hello Lovelies and welcome back! It has been a few weeks since I have posted and I thought I would share a little chat video with you today to get you caught up! I am so excited be back creating and sharing with you and am excited about the fun things coming up this month!

I invite you to be sure and sign up for the newsletter so you will be getting the latest updates on the In My Pocket Kids Album class coming soon! You can also get a look at previous process videos from my 2018 Project Life album on my blog here: 2018 Project Life series. I also would love to see you in the classroom over at In My Pocket Vol 01 and 02, where you can go even deeper in my 2018 process.

For the month of September I will be finishing up my 2018 Project Life album and will be sharing that with you here. I seriously have two layouts left in that album, if my memory serves me correctly, isn’t that hilarious?! I can only laugh and then commit to getting that done. I am so happy to have you along on the journey, see you soon!



December Daily 2018 Final Album Flip Through (Narrated)

Larkindesign December Daily 2018 Album Walk Through

Hello Lovelies, it is time for the final video of this series, the December Daily 2018 Final Flip Through! If you’ve missed any part of this series, I invite you to check this link here to get all caught up: Larkindesign December Daily 2018.

Thank you so much for joining me on this amazing journey! It is always such a joy to create and share these albums with you each and every year. See you back again soon!


Larkindesign December Daily 2018 Album Walk Through