In My Pocket Vol 01 Memory Keeping Class


Designed to help you un-complicate your memory keeping (and your life!) Larkindesign Classes are chock full of tips, tricks, and inspiration. In My Pocket classes are perfect for you if you are just beginning pocket page documenting, if you are looking to jumpstart your weekly documenting, and if you are looking to finish up albums from pervious years. Read below for full class description. Click here to purchase and receive Volume 01 40% off. Welcome to the Classroom!

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In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

An added bonus for Volume 01!!!! Beginning January 15, 2019, we will walk through each lesson of this class on a weekly basis. You will receive an invitation to sign up for weekly emails from Theresa sharing her personal take-aways from each lesson, one email and one lesson per week for 10 weeks. Previous students of the class will also be invited for this joint venture through In My Pocket Volume 01. Purchase now to guarantee your spot in this special offer!

With the purchase of either In My Pocket Memory Keeping Volume 01 or 02 OR the bundle, you receive access to SIX Larkindesign Digital Collections for FREE. These are the collections I designed in 2018 to use in pocket pages and I am delighted to offer those collections as part of the In My Pocket classes! 

Class is available for immediate purchase and download. This is a self-paced class, so upon purchase you will receive an email with login plus links to access the classroom right here! You will also receive access to all the class videos included in the class. There are FORTY videos, a combination of instruction and process videos, to enjoy any time. You also receive a 100-page workbook that is able to be printed so you can take it with you!

Class is now in session!!!!
Are you interested in pocket page scrapbooking? Do you absolutely love filling pockets with memories, photos, embellishments, and heart? Are you looking for ways to streamline your process? Maybe you are brand new to pocket page style memory keeping, or maybe you have several years of albums that are waiting to be completed?

If you love all things pocket pages then this is the class you need to take! In this class I will share with you my own personal process for creating complete pocket page albums from start to finish. Ten lessons, plus an introduction, with at least 20 process videos and lots more videos that cover all sorts of topics are included in this class!

I hope you will join me on this fun adventure! Purchase now through December 10, 2018, to receive 40% off this class. This is a limited time offering!


In My Pocket Volume 01 Class Content

Each lesson contains:

  • At least one chat video plus 2 process videos, plus other instructional videos per lesson. I estimate 35 videos for this class.
  • A printable workbook in PDF format.
  • Free printable journal cards designed by me to use in your own projects as a thank you! You also receive six digital collections for free in the Larkindesign Shop!
  • Access to the IMP Facebook Group.
  • Support from me at any time, via email. I want you to feel accomplished in your memory keeping and would LOVE to hear from you! Inbox me!
  • This is the full class content, 10 lessons, one each week for 10 weeks plus the Introduction!

See you in the classroom!!!

 Purchase now to guarantee your spot in this special offer!


What are others saying about this class? I always appreciate your feedback and welcome your comments, questions, and love.

Theresa. WOW. The work and time you’ve put into this!!! WOW! – Roxanne Rawls

…She is so down-to-earth, smart, and a really talented artist and designer who talks about her process and is totally inspirational. She’s a good place to start if you’re just starting this journey (and side note: she gets bonus points in my book for talking about her life, sometimes easy, sometimes hard. She’s real life. So refreshing.) – Alyssa Smith,


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