Larkindesign Christmas Morning Photos | A Mini Class

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Join me in the classroom to practice your DSLR photography skills and get ready for a Rockin’ Christmas photo session!



This product is a digital confirmation only, no product will be shipped to you! Upon checking out you will receive a download that includes instruction on how to access this class. This class includes three lessons on how to develop your own photographic style so you can nail your Christmas photos (or any photos!)

Did you ever look at other people’s photos and wonder just how they did that? Did you ever wonder what your own photography style is, and if you have your own style how do you “discover” it? Yeah, me too!

Did you ever wonder why settings in your digital camera worked, but the resulting photos just left you feeling MEH? Yeah, me too!

Did you ever put your camera down and wonder if you would ever be able to capture photos that reflected you and your personality, plus your family’s personalities? Yeah, me too!

Taking good photographs, I have learned, is about way more than just fancy settings on the camera. It is about how YOU USE THEM. Yes, you personally. Knowing how to use those tools is important, but in the end getting photos that you love is more about how you use those tools.

In this class we will talk about the 3 most important factors in capturing good photos on Christmas morning (or any event that you really want to knock out of the park!):

Step One: Create an environment that you feel proud to photograph!

In this lesson I share some of my interior design secrets so that your environment is the best backdrop for your photos.

Step Two: Do a practice run (or two or three) prior to Christmas morning!

In this lesson I share how I practice with my camera settings, in the room, before the actual day, so that I know approximately what settings my camera should be on. This is where we play and try out new things!

Step Three: Learn how to edit your photos in post-processing to get the best prints possible!

In this lesson we will go to my desktop and work with Photoshop to edit our photos for print.

This wonderful little adventure in photography is priced affordably, just $10! Click below to add it right to your cart. See you in class!


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