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Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Prep For December Daily!

Larkindecember 3 Things To Prep For December Daily

Hello Lovelies! My absolute favorite time of year and favorite project of the year is coming up soon and I am so excited! December Daily is an album concept designed and marketed by Ali Edwards. The concept involves taking one photo + one story per day in the month leading up to Christmas Day, and creating a magical memory keeping album with those memories. You can learn more about this amazing project on Ali’s website.

Larkindecember 2018 Welcome and Introduction!

Every year I cannot wait to begin this project, and my husband and I always place bets on when I begin. Some years I begin as early as April or May, and this year I have been a bit later and am just now getting started. It might be easy to panic, or worry if it’s “too late” (I promise, it’s never too late!), so I thought I would share with you THREE THINGS you can be doing today to get started on your December Daily!

Larkindecember 2018 Welcome and Introduction!

First: Gather Inspiration!

This is the fun part, isn’t it? Looking around to see who else is doing the project, all the fun ideas and layouts, collecting Pins on Pinterest, and checking out YouTube videos – now is a great time to gather your ideas. Don’t forget to go through your own albums right now as well! Make notes of your favorite photos, favorite journaling, favorite techniques, and favorite layouts you have created yourself. In fact, your own albums are the best source of inspiration because they are you, your personality, your work, your own self reflected in those layouts. If you are just starting December Daily this year for the first time, don’t worry at all. There is lots of inspiration out there. Let me give you a few of my personal favorites. I always love seeing where other artists get their inspiration from.

  • Ali Edwards, of course, is always the first resource as the creator of this project! Also be sure to check out the December Daily Facebook Group.
  • Barbara Picinic has long been an inspirational artist and designer to me. Her work is clean, classic, and always gorgeous.
  • Liz Tamanaha of Paislee Press always inspires me each and every year! Her albums are minimalist, and even though I am not minimalist myself, she still inspires me to keep my own work simple.
  • France Wisneiwski of Bananafishstudio is a graphic designer whose traveler’s notebooks first drew me in! Her style is also very clean and simple and understated.
  • Also be sure to follow my galleries at Studio Calico, The Lilypad, and of course my December Daily Board at Pinterest!
Larkindecember 2018 Welcome and Introduction!!

Second: Gather Your Supplies!

This is always the fun part as well! Now is of course the time to go through your existing stash of December goodies and figure out what you’d like to use this year from what you already have. If you feel up for it, you can also go through your regular scrapbook supplies as well, and pull any products from there that you think will tie in with your album. Shopping your own stash is the best place to start. Make notes of things in particular you feel you need, and things you don’t need. For example, if you already own 15 sets of Christmas stamps, but have no enamel dots, then you know you need to get enamel dots but not stamps. This can help you prioritize your purchases and not over-shop.

So here are a few of the beautiful things I am looking at, ordering, using, or considering this season:

Third: Write out your Design Concept

What is a Design Concept? I always love this part of planning my albums. Design Concept is just a few sentences outlining the size and scope of your project. It hails from my days as an Interior Designer, where we wrote the design concept for our client projects. The Design Concept then became the over-arching guide for the project. Here is my Design Concept for December Daily 2018:

December Daily 2018 will be in the Traveler’s Notebook format in the Cahier size. I plan to build my own notebooks using patterned papers, pocket pages, and mixed media papers. My colors will be reds, pinks, greens, and navies. My main goal this year is to include more journaling and have a more fluid design within the album, and most importantly, document those treasured holiday moments!

So now, I have clearly outlined what my album will look like, and this will be my over-arching guide for completing my project. What I love about creating the Design Concept is that now I can narrow down choices. If I see a product but it doesn’t fit with those colors, I know not to purchase it (unless I just HAVE to have it!). If it won’t fit into a traveler’s notebook, I probably don’t need to purchase it. I have also given myself a pretty strict parameter to use only flat objects so that the notebooks will be a manageable size, so that means I don’t need to purchase many dimensional or bulky items! The Design Concept isn’t really about rules, mind you. Scrapbooking doesn’t have to have rules. But it helps me to calm the chaos so I don’t over-buy and so I don’t feel overwhelmed by the project.

I am so excited to begin this annual journey with you once again this year! I prepared an Introduction video if you would like to see!

I hope you will stick around to see all the Fine Things coming this holiday season! Be sure to Subscribe to the Newsletter and to my Blog so you get instant updates. I plan to share two December Daily posts each week during the month of December! See you soon!

2017 December Daily Album Final Completed Album Walk Through!!!!

Hi everyone, I was putting my December Daily album away and realized I had not shared the full album walk through with you yet! I am so excited every year to begin this amazing project, and then am so excited when it is finished. This album is inspired by an album project designed and marketed by Ali Edwards. You can learn more about the project and connect with others who share a passion for this project at the Ali Edwards website

Larkindesign 2017 December Daily Album Final Completed Album Walk Through!!!!

I sincerely hope that you have been inspired by this project and so please enjoy the video.

What about you? Are you still working through yours? Are you still waiting to begin? Keep going with it, even if it takes you a while longer. You will be so glad you did. Thank you for following along with me and for encouraging me and inspiring me to complete this project! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow this blog so you can keep up with all the fine things going on! You can sign up on the right hand side bar to receive emails every time a blog post is published (about every day Monday – Friday or so), or below that you can sign up to add LD to your feed, and at the bottom of my page is an email sign up to only receive major updates or announcements in your inbox (about once or twice a month).

See you soon!


Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

Hi everyone! I am already headlong fully involved in putting together my foundation pages for this year’s December album. Today I wanted to share with you a bit of my process for creating my foundation pages using my Ali Edwards products. Ali is the original creator of this project and I am deeply grateful for all the inspiration and products she has offered to our community. You can learn more about her and this project at her site here: Ali Edwards Blog. One of my commitments to myself as part of this hobby (read: every project I am involved in) is to use my supplies. That means use them as they come in the door. One of my commitments to the December Daily project is to complete the album, hopefully before January 1, and creating foundation pages are an important part of that for me. Follow along with me in this video!


I know that there are mixed thoughts on creating foundation pages, but for me this has been the biggest reason I have been able to complete my albums on or around January 1. And, I might conjecture, that I have been able to complete the album at all. Some worry that they won’t like that page once the day arrives, and maybe that happens sometimes so I just move that page and move on.

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

The biggest thing to remember is that foundation pages are great for making decisions already, so that throughout the month all I have to do is add photo + story. That keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by this project. But even though I have created these fun pages, I am not in any way married to any of them so I am free to move things around, change out cards, and do whatever it takes on any particular day in December.

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

What I absolutely love about creating these pages is that it makes me incredibly happy to work with these products, play with them, layer them, see how these products go together without having the pressure of photo + story. These pages are just opportunities to me to get familiar with the beautiful products I have purchased and figure out which of the products I am particularly drawn to.

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

I have a thing, whenever I begin a project, that carries over from my days as an interior designer, and that is to establish a design concept for that project. In interior design that might be something like this:

This project serves to accommodate space for (insert client here) hair salon. This space needs to be bright, sophisticated, trendy, and reflect the owner’s quirky personality. The space needs to accommodate 4 stylists, plus guest area, reception area, and private massage room.

So in December Daily, my design concept is more like this:

My December Daily this year will be 6×8 in a Simple Stories binder, using a combination of divided and 6×8 pocket pages. This year I want to emphasize full page layouts and photos. The colors for this year’s albums begin with black & white and pops of color, particularly red, navy, and other pastels as I feel inspired.

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

Many times, my design concept is still coming together while creating these foundation pages, particularly as I work with the product. I don’t know about you, but once I receive product in, I am inspired to play with it and just see which products I am drawn to. This solidifies more for me, how I want to pull this album together!

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

What my design concept does for me is lay out exactly my parameters and define some sort of consistency throughout the album. It doesn’t have to be complicated or detailed, but again at this stage I am all about making as many decisions as I can so that in December all I am adding is photos + stories.

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

My design concept is a bit different than last year! Last year I did very detailed foundation pages, and some even commented that they felt like my pages didn’t even have room for photos or stories. Inside I laughed a tiny bit, because there is always room for photos and stories, and I would rather take cards out but still finish the album, rather than not make it through the month of December. 

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

This year I have left myself a lot more flexibility and a little more room for creative expression in the month of December. I think this is probably more reflective of my comfort level with sharing this project online so I am not as nervous about having as much completed as possible. It is entirely up to you how much you want to complete your own album, or if you want to do none at all. In the end what matters most is what works for you!

Larkindecember | Foundation Pages Using Ali Edwards December Daily Products!!!

I sincerely hope that this has been helpful to you and has given an insight into how I create this amazing project. I would love to hear from you and see your projects, so be sure to comment and tag me!


Larkindecember Kickoff PLUS New Product Release!!!!

Oh my goodness, you guys, I am so excited to post today because I have so much happy things to share and I am bursting! Today I am so excited to kick off Larkindecember!!!! I will be participating in December Daily, the album concept designed and marketed by Ali Edwards this year, and today I am sharing the first of my videos in this series. As I have done in the past, I will be sharing my entire process for completing this album, from start to finish, and I hope you will join me!!!!

I am so excited to officially launch a full shop on my site and the products in the video above are available for purchase! I have created a digital mini kit to use in your December documenting projects and I cannot wait for you to see! Allow me to share the entire kit with you! First included are these gorgeous 4×6 journal cards. There are 8 of them and they are available in JPG and PNG format, plus 8.5×11 printable.

Click on any image to add these products to purchase!!!

Larkindecember Digital Mini Kit 4x6 Journal Cards

Also available are the 3×4 journal cards, and in this collection there are 12. I was inspired to create a collection that included some beautiful florals and some fun trendy icons!

Larkindecember Digital Mini Kit 3x4 Journal Cards

I also designed (4) photo templates in this collection, sized at 6×8. My plan is to include full page templates in my album this year!

Larkindecember Digital Mini Kit Photo Templates 6x8

And then, because that isn’t enough, I also designed a set of weekly and daily numbered cards for you to use in your December and Project Life albums! I am obsessed with number cards, and I hope you will enjoy adding these to your collection!

Larkindecember Digital Mini Kit Daily Number Cards

These are the weekly cards. They are a spin-off of the printables included with the In My Pocket Memory Keeping class, so they might look familiar to you!

Larkindecember Digital Mini Kit Weekly Date Cards

I shared in my video how I have used these products in my December album so far, and I hope you will follow along this month and next as I work to complete my album. I also hope you will check out these beautiful products and add them to your own collection! If you purchase these and share your creations online, please tag me, I would LOVE to see!!! Use hashtag #larkindecember !!!!

See you back here soon,


***December Daily is an album concept created and marketed by Ali Edwards. I am not affiliated with her in any way, but I do love using her products and find incredible meaning in creating this project every year. To find out more about Ali’s project and connect with others who share passion on this project, please check out her website here: Ali Edwards.



{scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 & 2!!!

Hi guys! Happy Scrappy Christmas in July!!!! Join scrappylikeafox Tracey Fox and a bunch of us at the ScrapGals Facebook community to work on some Christmas projects this month!!!!

Today I am sharing the first two layouts in my 2011 DecemberISH album. I am using a combination of products today, including Maggie Holmes patterned papers, Ali Edwards stamps and embellishments, and Paige Evans Oh My Heart!

For today I have two layouts in the album. I am not sure if I am going to number these somehow? I am thinking about adding number tags maybe just to number the stories themselves? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

For the first layout in the album I had this photo from our very first date! Even though this was back in September of 2011, I thought it was a great memory to add and it particularly significant because this is our first Christmas together. 


Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

I had the back of the chipboard tab to work with and that was the perfect place for the journaling on this layout. I am absolutely loving the messy gesso on the kraft with black ink! I added just a tiny bit of color at the bottom with the patterned paper strip (that is from My Mind’s Eye).

Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

Our children have been an important part of our relationship since the very beginning, and I love that they will make lots of appearances throughout this album! For this layout I had an adorable photo of Natalie that I snapped one day while picking her and her brother up. She is literally only as tall as the fire hydrant here, but look how cheeky her expression is!

Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

This patterned paper from Oh My Heart! already had lovely brush strokes of color so no mixed media was added. Only journaling, a few stamps, and the star clusters. I am working to include stitching in this album, as well, and this time I ran the zig-zag stitch forward and backwards through the machine. In some places it *almost* looks like cross-stitching. Ha!

Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

The right hand side is not quite finished. The black floral ephemera is just floating in the pocket and when I finish the next side I plan to stitch that into place then. For the photo of Natalie I simply chose a few floral embellishments from Oh My Heart! and the Glee tab from the Ali Edwards CHEER story kit. 

Larkindesign {scrappyChristmasinJuly} December DailyISH 2011 Pt 04 | Layouts 1 %26 2!!!

That is all for today! See you again soon!