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Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01


Hello Lovelies! The amazing months of summer are here and for many of us that means travel plans! It is always so exciting to visit new places and experience new things, and the time spent with family and friends is priceless! It also means coming home with tons of photos, which means we can revisit those amazing memories any time we want. Honestly, that is my favorite part of traveling – coming home with a camera filled with beautiful photos that inspire me to document those wonderful memories. It can also be a bit overwhelming, deciding which photos to print, how to include the travels into our albums, how to capture all the magic we experienced! So I thought I would spend a bit of time sharing my process for including our travels into our Project Life albums for this summer through this mini series! I am so glad you are here and I hope you will find tons of inspiration and tips for your summer travels as well!

larkindesign in my pocket memory keeping class
Want to learn more about my entire process of memory keeping, using pocket pages with the Project Life system? Check out my self-paced memory keeping class called In My Pocket! Project Life is an method of memory keeping designed and marketed by Becky Higgins. I am not affiliated or sponsored by Becky Higgins, but I have found this way of memory keeping using pocket pages to be an inspiring and satisfying way to document our busy family life. I think you will love it! Click the image to learn more and to join me in the classroom!

For today, I wanted to share an Introduction to this series and invite you to view the chat video here. In this video I talk about some of my personal thoughts as I approach these layouts, photos, and stories, and I hope it will help you think about your travel documenting in helpful ways too!

Here are the video notes:

Documenting travel can be a bit challenging and can be where we get stuck, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the many reasons I love pocket page scrapbooking is that it allows me to include the best memories in a way that is not so overwhelming. I can set aside however many layouts I want to complete for a particular trip, have the page design already laid out, and some of the hard thinking has been already done. It is also a project that is very high on my priority list, and that means I want to stay on track with this project. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track as well.

Tip #01

Keep this part of your memory keeping manageable. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the projects, photos, layouts, page styles, stories, everything. It is very easy to just skip it, or drop the project altogether because you just don’t know what to do or how to start. So how can we keep this manageable and overcome that fear? What feels manageable to you might be very different from what is manageable to me, but setting a limit within our Project Life albums and setting a limit for product we want to use and setting a limit for photos to print is a great place to start. It is probably a bit unrealistic to think you will be able to document every single memory from your trip in one single layout. And honestly, if you want to document every memory, you can do that but I recommend committing another project for that purpose. For the purpose of Project Life, however, it is ok to hit the highlights and call it done. So lay out in your mind what you can realistically accomplish within this album, how many layouts you want to devote to this trip, and stick with that.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

This particular layout from our 2018 album is all about a day trip we took right here in town, in Winston Salem, NC. We wanted to check out a vintage arcade called Reboot, and we walked around a bit downtown as well. Notice how the photos in this layout tell a bit about what we did, but they also show some of the relationships and personalities in our family. This layout is a great representation of this one week in our life without feeling overwhelming or being too hard.

Tip #02

I already mentioned the temptation of wanting to include every single detail, and I am here to tell you that if wanting to include every detail is stopping you from finishing your albums, let that go. We don’t have to include every single experience. We don’t have to print every photo. We don’t have to tell every story. Not in this album, not in this context. I absolutely LOVE Project Life because it lets me tell our family stories in bite-size chunks. I tell my students in the In My Pocket class to think about how to represent your experiences in your pocket pages. What are the photos that represent this experience for you? Print and include those. What are the photos that really summarize the experience for you? How can you represent the trip you took, in one or two or three layouts, using 7 or 15 or 20 photos? Once you have set your limits for documenting this trip, prioritize the photos and include the ones that really jump out at you. You can always do more layouts later, you can always create another album about the trip later, but just for now, for the purposes of continuing in your Project Life album, make the effort to represent.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

This layout is from our 2012 album and represents a trip we took to the Outer Banks of NC. To keep this manageable, but still tell the important stories I wanted to tell, I included photos of each of the children, which highlights their responses to being at the beach, a photo of our location, and an excellent representation of the skies, ocean, and weather we had while we were there. What is most important to me is to document our family interacting and experiencing life together, and these seven photos do that in a really powerful way. Never underestimate how beautiful just 7 or 8 photos really can be.

Tip #03

The most important thing I hope you will keep in mind as you document your own summer travels (or any travels, or any memories) is to do the thing that keeps you engaged with the project, do whatever helps you to keep going. Our goal in Project Life is completed albums, right? My personal goal at Larkindesign is to help you uncomplicate memory keeping so you can complete albums and feel accomplished in your craft. I do believe you will love looking back through your albums and seeing your travels included in Project Life, so I encourage you to create a layout (or three, or five, if you wish) about your trip. I see that question in our community an awful lot: “Should I make a layout for our trip if I’m going to make another mini album for the trip?” And my answer is always a resounding YES. You can always come back and do the full album later, but if you never get the chance to make that album, you know you have included it in Project Life.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | 2013 Happy New Year
Back in 2012, the last week of the year, we visited Disney World and on our way back our car broke down. We were three hours outside of Orlando, an hour from Jacksonville, on New Year’s Day, with nothing open. We had quite a journey that day to figure out how to get our family of six and a broken down car back home! Happy New Year to us, right?! I of course included this in my layout for the first week of that year because that was a significant travel event, and I am always happy to see that layout in that album. You can see that layout above, which shows how we celebrated New Years Eve at Hollywood Studio and then shows our poor car once we brought it home. The reason I included that is because we did something really difficult, we helped each other through it, and we even laughed a bit along the way. Include your travels in your Project Life! I hope this mini series will inspire you! We are going to have some fun, use some pretty products, and tell some special stories. Be sure to sign up below so you get the latest, you won’t want to miss this!

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Launch Day!!! Print To Pocket Actions For Photoshop Release!

Larkindesign Print To Pocket 01 Photoshop Actions


Hello everyone, today is the day and I have been so anxious to share this release with you! Over the last five years or so I have been sharing my thoughts, processes, and layouts using pocket pages and as a result of that, have made so many friends with all of you! You have shared with me your challenges, your struggles, and your victories in using pocket pages, in using Photoshop, in creating a process for your own memory keeping. It has become my passion to find ways to Uncomplicate Your Memory Keeping.

Today I am releasing the Print To Pocket Actions for Photoshop! I can’t wait for you to try these out! I have been using these Actions for several weeks now and cannot believe how much easier it has been to design and print my layouts, and I especially love how beautiful my pages are! I think you will be amazed when you try these Actions out and see the difference in your own process. These are a real game changer!

I invite you to click on the image to find out more about this amazing new tool and add it to your own toolkit right now!

Larkindesign Print To Pocket 01 Photoshop Action

I also have a full tutorial that walks through my entire process of using the Print To Pocket Action No. 01 that you can view below.

Thank you so much for joining me, and thank you for inspiring this latest release! See you again soon!



2019 Scrappy Chat Plus In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class Special Invitation!

Hello Lovelies! I want to once again wish you a Happy New Year! I am so excited to begin a new year, fresh perspective, new goals, and new beginnings! I recorded a chat video and shared on YouTube about some important and happy things coming up very soon. Have a look!

As you all know, I have developed two flagship classes that focus heavily on pocket pages, called In My Pocket! I have poured my heart and soul and everything I personally use to complete my own albums into these classes, and I want these classes to bloom and grow!

This is your personal invitation to participate in the first class, In My Pocket Volume 01. Beginning on January 15, we are going to walk through this class via email, one per week. This is open to anyone who has purchased In My Pocket Volume 01 or the Bundle. Check out all the details about this class and then check below to sign up!

Class is now in session!!!!
Are you interested in pocket page scrapbooking? Do you absolutely love filling pockets with memories, photos, embellishments, and heart? Are you looking for ways to streamline your process? Maybe you are brand new to pocket page style memory keeping, or maybe you have several years of albums that are waiting to be completed?

If you love all things pocket pages then this is the class you need to take! In this class I will share with you my own personal process for creating complete pocket page albums from start to finish. Ten lessons, plus an introduction, with at least 20 process videos and lots more videos that cover all sorts of topics are included in this class!

I hope you will join me on this fun adventure! Class is now specially priced at 40% because I want you to join us. This is a limited time offering!

Also this year, as we walk through the class, I will be updating the Chat videos that are included in the class, AND I will be updating the class process videos with current pocket page layouts! I am so excited to include NEW CONTENT in this class and I think you will love it too!

Here is the class content included with this course. You may click on the link to purchase the class.

Larkindesign In My Pocket Vol 01

So let’s get started! I am so excited to have you all join me on this fun, exciting adventure in pocket pages and I hope you will be inspired to get started, to continue, and to complete your own albums. Sign-ups end January 14th, 2019 at midnight and the first email will go out on January 15th, 2019! See you in the classroom!

Larkindesign New Class Announcement!!!

Hi everyone! I am sooo excited to announce my brand new upcoming class called In My Pocket Volume 2!!!! This is a follow up class to Volume 1. Have a look at this little video I made!

Want to learn more? Click on the image below to find out more and to sign up for updates for the class!!

larkindesign in my pocket volume 02

Quick Update and Class Reminder!!!!

Hi everyone,

Everything has been quiet here on the blog and my YouTube this month but I did want to stop in and say thank you for being here, thank you for following along in all the Larkindesign adventures, and don’t go anywhere!!!! I am taking a little much-needed time off to refresh and create new content for you. Sometimes you just need to fill your own tank, and I hope you will take a little time for yourself as well. 

I did want to remind you that there is still a little time to grab the In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class for 50% off, until October 19th! You can click the image below and it will take you right the the class page where you can sign up. I would LOVE to have you join us! This is the only time I will offer this class at 50% off, so take advantage now.

Larkindesign In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

Last week I had a little design team work that I needed to complete for Sahlin Studio, and if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, here are my layouts for the brand new Enamel Pins and Artsy pack that are now available at The Lilypad!

Larkindesign Sahlin Studio CT | Halloween Artsy Pack and Enamel Pins

This is a layout for Natalie’s personal album, and I have decided on some of the kids’ layouts to do one side 12×12 and the other side pocket pages. How fun is that, and it makes it so easy to include more photos!

Larkindesign Sahlin Studio CT | Halloween Artsy Pack and Enamel Pins

So I hope you will stay tuned! As soon as November starts I plan to begin sharing my December album process with you and I will be jumping back into my December 2011 album as well. So many exciting things on the horizon! See you soon!