Creative Team Jenn Hutt | Travelers Notebook Layouts ft. Ordinary Moments!!

Hello lovelies, today Creative Team member Jenn Hutt is on the blog to share  with us! Be sure to check out her About Me page, where you can learn more about her and connect with her on social media!

Hey ya’ll! I hope you’re having a great day!

The first project I worked on with the May collection was for day 48 of the RUKristin 100 Days of All About Me project. The topic is about your pets.

Creative Team Jenn Hutt | Travelers Notebook Layouts ft. Ordinary Moments!!Creative Team Jenn Hutt | Travelers Notebook Layouts ft. Ordinary Moments!!

If you remember from last month, I am doing my project in a handmade album that was inspired by Jessica Upton on instagram. The album pages measure 4.5″X8.5″ and use 6 binder rings (to match the hole punch I use).

This prompt was all about pets, and the only pet that I have is a cat named Eleanor.

I used a TN paper from Traci Reed’s XOXO collection as the background (I liked the simple pattern and it was already on my desk) printed on cardstock paper. I also printed and cut out the May elements from the Ordinary Moments kit. I layered two triangle tags at the bottom and stamped 48 on there using some Ali Edwards stamps, for it being the 48th prompt in Kristin’s 100 Prompts

I used a 2″ circle to punch out the picture of my cat (she was standing on the stairs the day of my wedding wondering why there were so many people in her house- we got married in our back yard and the bridal party was getting ready in the house). I layered this image of her on a circle that was cut from the elements page with a green border and pretty red flowers. I put an ‘ordinary moments’ cut out over that.

I used some black glittery American Crafts alpha’s from my stash to spell out her name. I layered two strips of paper behind a premade text box from the cut apart sheet for my journaling and layered that below her name. You guys know me, I like to keep things simple and I am really enjoying this size right now.

Creative Team Jenn Hutt | Travelers Notebook Layouts ft. Ordinary Moments!!Creative Team Jenn Hutt | Travelers Notebook Layouts ft. Ordinary Moments!!

The next two projects for the month of May were both single page spreads for my Travelers Notebook insert. They both document an event from Mother’s Day weekend, where a friend of mine got married and the other is a picture with another friend, whom I took out on Mother’s Day.

Once again I resized and printed papers from the kit to fit my size and then printed them out together (this time on regular printer paper since they’re going into a TN insert that is already bound together).

The page on the left documented the adventure a friend and I went on on Mother’s Day. I took her to the GeekCraft Expo in Durham, NC, where we both got a new pair of ears (mine are a galaxy cat pair and hers are a set of fox ears). Afterwards we went to McDonalds for lunch, which is where the picture was snapped. The flower elements, the heart, and the “different is beautiful” piece are all from the “Let Your Heart Decide” collection from Pinkfresh Studios (received in my May Clique Kit subscription). I used a red/orange label that matched perfectly from the Ordinary Moments cut apart sheet.

The project on the right was to document a wedding I attended the day before Mother’s Day. This page is super simple and there isn’t much to it. I used several elements from the same cut apart sheet (two hexagons that were cut off at the edges, the date label, the green label where I wrote a tiny bit of journaling, the today strip (it is on the edge of the photo), and the special days label). Super simple, but I really wanted to document this (it’s the bridesmaids, the flower girl and ring bearer, and the bride being silly. It was originally just supposed to be the bridesmaids but we got photo bombed).

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects for this month! Make sure you get your own digital Ordinary Moments kit and share your projects with us!

Larkindesign Creative Team | Hannah Lemieux 2018 Project Life

Hello lovelies! Today Creative Team member Hannah Lemieux is on the blog with her 2018 Project Life album. You can learn more about Hannah and follow her on all her social media here: Hannah Lemieux.

Aloha! It’s Hannah with you today!! I am just loving playing with the Larkindesign January release called Out With The Old. I’ve used many of the digital pieces in multiple ways. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube to see all the projects I make with Theresa’s designs. Today I want to share with you my Project life set for 2018. 

Larkindesign Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | 2018 Project Life

I started off with an intro page. I used pictures I took in December. I decided to just picture my kids because they are the ones who are mainly in our Project Life. I really love Project Life because this is the best way for our family to see the change over the years. As a military family each year can look so different. Definitely on years where we move and changes physical locations. Seeing these changes through a yearly album is really cool. I really hope that my kids can use our Project Life album to remember and see how their lives were like in every new experience they have. 

I really think for me using a collection like the one Theresa designed helps me keep a look throughout the pages that makes me happy. It really helps me document Project life much quicker. I love to document our lives in many different forms so I really don’t like to take too much extra thought into Project Life. I really loved using the January Larkindesign collection Out With The Old. The colors are different for the new year and I loved the cards. They matched really well with the Ali Edwards’ Story Kits I have and used in my pages. 


I layered pieces from past Ali Edwards Story Kits with some Maggie Holmes Stickers. 

I love layering bits and pieces from my stash on my pages. I stayed close to the color palette in the January collection and found a few products that I knew matched the color and tone as the Out with the Old collection. I really wanted this starting fresh and  the moving forward feeling you have when you start a new year. I knew when I close the cards from the January collection that I needed cards that reflected that tone. 

I knew that making my January Project Life pages beforehand I needed to be thoughtful and follow through with a theme. This new beginnings and moving forward would really motivated me to start fresh and new in Project Life. It really is something I struggle with as the year gets busy. I know that January is a time when I can start fresh again and I wanted my January pages to reflect that. I hope you scrapbookers know that no matter what your old albums look like you can always start from this time forward to try to change the way you document to make it successful for you and your lifestyle. If that means changing from a weekly to a monthly spread, do it. I love this community and this hobby because there really are no rules and you get to decide how you want to document your life. You get to choose the perspective in which you share. 


I love these Glitter Thickers from Dear Lizzy! I was so happy to see I had enough letters to spell out my last name. It really looks amazing on top of the floral design. 

I used many of the same elements throughout the month of January. I am using lots of acrylic stars from Color Cast and lots of words strips from the Bohemian Dreams collection from Cocoa Vanilla Studio. I also used lots of pieces from past Ali Edwards Story Kits. 


This is my 1st page for Week One. 

This year I am switching to weekly Project Life, before I was doing it monthly. I found though I was still using a ton of pictures. I am hoping by doing it weekly I can count my pictures done a bit but always be a bit more organized with my pictures. I know I still want to do lots of journaling, so if you look at my spread I have left lots of room for pictures and journaling. The weekly cards in the Larkindesign 2018 Calendar Cards kit are perfect here.

Larkindesign Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | 2018 Project Life


To this page I added a few touches like some stitching to the week card. I also added  branding strip from Dear Lizzy to the striped 4×6 card, I loved how the colors played off of each other. On one of the Ali Edward Story Kit cards I layered a few stickers and die cuts with Color Cast stars. I added some word strips to the New Year Card from the Out with the Old Collection. This 3×4 card is perfect for a filler card in my page. 

Repeating elements throughout a spread over multiple pages help tie them all together. 

On page Two of week One I counted to use similar elements as the previous page like the Color Cast Stars, the colors matched so well with the January Collection. I also used a similar rubber charm banner as I did on the intro page. I decided to use another branding strip but added it across the the two bottom 4×6 cards. 

I like to adhere my rubber charms with staples instead of atg tape so there isn’t any residue left on the back of the card or paper. 

I really love how this yellow branding strip brings your eye across the whole bottom of the page. I also love how it brings out the yellow from the speech bubble 3×4 card in the Out with the Old collection. I added chipboard numbers in the bubbles so I an add some facts about our week. 

I used the same scalloped circles as on the intro page too. I love the way the look layered with the flowers from the Cocoa Vanilla Studio. 
I backed the speech bubble 3×4 on a light woodgrain from Cocoa Vanilla Studio. 
This card is my favorite card in the whole collection. 

For this top right card I cut the top and bottom cluster flowers from the whole card. I then tucked a 3×4 card from Ali Edwards’ Story Kit into the flower clusters. I made sure to lay some of the flowers on top of the 3×4 striped yellow card. This pattern will allow me to journal on. 

On the top cluster I layered some thread, a Wilna I heart Studio cut file with some chipboard and die cuts and a Color Cast star. I love using smaller pieces that work together to draw interest. 

I also mirrored the types of embellishments and die cuts on the bottom as I did on the top. I had the worded element be in a circle die cut and I used a gold Maggie Holmes bow over the gold thread. Under all the thread and chipboard I added a purple banner. I love the way it brings out the purple tones in the flowers. 


I know mixing metallics can be a big no no but when you do it right to bring out the colors in a patterned paper, it really looks strking. 
Larkindesign Creative Team Hannah Lemieux | 2018 Project Life

Here is a full look at my page two of week one. I love how it all blends together and I can’t wait to add all my week’s pictures to it and add all the stories from our week. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for my process video on my Youtube Channel. You can see me putting together this whole spread. 


Also Look out for the rest of my January spread where I will be doing more of the January Out with the Old Collection for the other three weeks. I am using sharing many other projects on my Youtube Channel using this January collection in other forms as well. I can’t wait to see you stop by and be inspired. Also you can check out my About Me page to follow me on all your favorite social media platforms.

Until next time I hope you are inspired to try out Theresa’s collection and don’t forget that In My Pocket Class Volume 2 will be resuming soon. Get your spot in her class, you won’t be disappointed at all. I took her first volume and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. 

See you soon!


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to have this talented creative team member, Tori Bissell on the blog today. Check out her amazing project using the Larkindesign 2018 Calendar Cards! Click on the image below to purchase these awesome cards.


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

Hi everyone. I’m so excited to share my project with you today!!! I had the 2018 Calendar cards sitting on my desk and I was trying to decide what to do with them when I noticed my Heidi Swap Memorydex on my desk. All of a sudden I was struck with a really cool idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to create a desk calendar?!? Um, yep. That!

Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I began by making a cover card using this gorgeous floral design and some foam thickers to write out 2018. I also used a gold wreath from Crate Paper to highlight the year. I made the floral card my own by adding some black splatters. After that I used the Heidi Swapp Memorydex punch to punch out the holes. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I love how the splatters added a little contrast on the card. I added some black splatters to some of the other cards too. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I also decided this would be a great opportunity for me to use my huge stash of scraps. I trimmed down a ton of scraps into 4×4 pieces or smaller and used the punch to punch holes. These scraps will be great for making notes and writing down phone numbers and reminders. I am perpetually using scraps and post it notes at work – why not use pretty scraps of paper. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I also used my scraps to create little calendar cards with the 2018 Calendar Cards from Larkindesign. I made one for each month. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

They were actually really easy to make when I got going because I made them all relatively the same way. I cut 6×6 paper’s into 4×4.5 cards, attached a circle tab, and added little strips of punched bordered papers. 

Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I finished the cards off by using thickers to write out the months. I then added some Freckled Fawn chipboard stars just for fun. I love the way all 12 of the cards worked out. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I love all the fun details and how the scraps came together well. The truth is that it doesn’t match really well but I like the eclectic  look of all the scraps and how perfectly they went with the 2018 Calendar cards. 


Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I also used a few of the Larkindesign Out With the Old digital cards for some added details. For example, on the January card I cut out the Happy New Year and added that. I love the way it coordinates with the calendar. 


While I had all the supplies out, I also created a few other divider cards – notes, remember and to do. I’m so excited by the way this project came together and how it’s going to look on my desk. I love that I can use it for scraps and as a calendar.  

Larkindesign Creative Team Tori Bissell | Memorydex Desk Calendar Using 2018 Calendar Cards

I created a process video if you’d like to check out how I put together this memorydex desk calendar. You can watch the process video here: 

To connect with me on your favorite social media be sure to check out my About Me page. Thanks so much for checking out my project today. I hope it inspires you to think of other ways you can use the 2018 calendar cards and your scraps. The calendar cards can be purchased in the shop by clicking here: 2018 Calendar Cards.



Creative Team Introductions | Neftali Zambrano

Hello lovelies, today I am so excited to have Neftali Zambrano join us on the blog! Feel free to learn more about her amazing work on her page via this link here: Neftali Zambrano.


Larkindesign 2018 Creative Team | Neftali Zambrano

Hi there, it’s Neftali here for the first time, and gosh, I am so excited to be here! I am so happy to share with you my first project as part of the Larkindesign Creative Team. Sort of like a celebratory layout for you all! I am so excited to be working with Theresa’s hybrid products. If you are feeling like hybrid scrapbooking is something new for you, it’s okay! But if you want to try it out, even better!

But first, let me tell you, I am so honored that I am able to work on this team because I will also be able to try new things! I have occasionally used bits of hybrid products throughout my scrapbooking, and it was always fun to do it. But I am also quite a newbie and there’s so many kinds of projects I’d like to try now that I have access to some pretty awesome products. I have so much planned to share with you and also to be able to take on the beautiful Larkindesign products and use them in so many different ways!

So because I am coming to you for the first time, I wanted to create a special layout as my “first project.” These are always special to me as I create them with so much love and excitement!

I decided to use Theresa’s Adventure Mini Collection for a few reasons. First of all, I love all the fun colors in the cards: the pinks, and blueish mints, and even orange!


Larkindesign Adeventure Mini Collection

The colors were calling my name. However, I also wanted to use these specific cards because they were accidentally printed in the wrong size. Yep, it happens to even the best of us sometimes. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get good use out of wrongly sized pocket page cards. They are still beautiful even if printed smaller or larger, and this gives you the perfect reason to think outside the box.

So, since mine were printed TOO small, I decided that I could take the cards and patterns to create a really fun and colorful layout. Here it is:

Larkindesign Creative Team Introductions | Neftali Zambrano.pngLarkindesign Creative Team Introductions | Neftali Zambrano

I scrapped a photo of my son standing in front of a pretty water fountain, so I added the title “Cherish Every Little Adventure.”

I was amazed at how many different bits and pieces from different collections I was able to mix on my page that complemented the cards so well!

I decided to create sort of like a gallery effect with the cards in the center of my page. The were all arranged randomly in the center, above a bit if mixed media.

Then I added quite a few mixed die cuts, chipboards, enamel dots, and even acetate pieces to finish off my central cluster.

Larkindesign Creative Team Introductions | Neftali Zambrano

I then backed my white paper onto a colorful patterned paper by Echo Park that matched amazingly with this Mini Collection!

Larkindesign Creative Team Introductions | Neftali Zambrano


That’s how this fun layout came to be.

So friends, thanks for having me today and I promise I will be back soon with more inspiration. I hope you are all as excited as we are here at Larkindesign to be bringing you inspiration from our Creative Team! 

I wanted to add that I have an About Me page on the blog, and I want to invite you all to come over if you ever want to learn a bit more about me.

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the Adventure Digital Mini Collection you can find it here

So that’s it for today! I’m so happy you stopped by. Come by later this week as a few more of us from the Creative Team will be coming in to introduce ourselves and our projects.

Until next time, stay crafty!