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2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

For today’s layout I am sharing my full process video for a pocket page layout in my 2019 Project Life album! This layout is all about our trip to Gatlinburg, TN, over Spring Break, and I am using Pinkfresh Studio Out & About collection. This is the first of three layouts for this trip, so be sure to check back to see all of these awesome travel layouts! You can view my full process video here:

Let’s have a closer look at this fun layout! The story begins while on our Spring Break trip to Gatlinburg, TN. We rented an Air BnB cabin and spent a few days exploring and visiting the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area. It was a beautiful location and we had such a wonderful time! I decided, after looking at all of the fun photos I took on our journeys, that I would definitely want to include more than one layout in my album. I love having this kind of flexibility in my memory keeping!

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

I began the page with a panoramic view of the Great Smokies while traveling up the mountain. I printed this at home and then added the title using the Pinkfresh puffy alphabets. I love how striking this title is: it immediately tells the reader where we are and what this layout is all about.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

As I spoke about in my previous post, the Pinkfresh Out & About collection provided some fantastic opportunities through product choices. The cut apart sheet was a jumping off point for me, and the GO card + the circle card appear right here on the left side. These two cards really set the tone and colors for this layout and everything sort of grew from here. Everything else on the layout repeats these same colors in some way.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

We made some new friends while here, including this adorable bear statue. I love how easily our kids agree to pose for photos – they have the option to say no but almost always do pose, and I try to make it as quick and painless as possible. A simple arrow from the ephemera pack makes for the simplest embellishment.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

The red tag shows up on this side as well, layered over top of the grey patterned paper. I attached it with my tiny attacher and then added a tiny geotag just for a bit of dimension. We visited the most epic candy store on the main strip! All of the kids (and the grown-ups!) had so much fun looking around in that store!

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

For the right hand side I included a couple of favorite photos from different places: the main strip, Dollywood, and the view from our cabin. I wasn’t worried about putting things in chronological order, I just added photos that I love. This makes it so much less stressful to print, simply add the photos you love and don’t worry about whether they match or whether they are all from the same event.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

The view from our cabin was absolutely stunning. I added a puffy sticker from Pinkfresh and a stamped image from an older travel stamp set from Studio Calico.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

I used another tag from the Out & About collection, this mint green one layered on top of the yellow geometric patterned paper. I stamped a few sentiments and allow the stamps to express the words on this journal card, and then added a quick puffy sticker as well.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

Notice the mint green geometric patterned paper which I used as a base for a journal card. I keep plain white card stock on my desk so I can easily add bits to make space for journaling. With a little layered banner that card is done. The black and white patterned paper was also a favorite, and you can see how I layered circle elements on top for a fun filler card.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life | Gatlinburg Process Video | Documenting Travel In Project Life Part 03

So many awesome memories on this trip, and I am well on my way to having it documented! Stay tuned for the continuation later on this week! See you then!


Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01


Hello Lovelies! The amazing months of summer are here and for many of us that means travel plans! It is always so exciting to visit new places and experience new things, and the time spent with family and friends is priceless! It also means coming home with tons of photos, which means we can revisit those amazing memories any time we want. Honestly, that is my favorite part of traveling – coming home with a camera filled with beautiful photos that inspire me to document those wonderful memories. It can also be a bit overwhelming, deciding which photos to print, how to include the travels into our albums, how to capture all the magic we experienced! So I thought I would spend a bit of time sharing my process for including our travels into our Project Life albums for this summer through this mini series! I am so glad you are here and I hope you will find tons of inspiration and tips for your summer travels as well!

larkindesign in my pocket memory keeping class
Want to learn more about my entire process of memory keeping, using pocket pages with the Project Life system? Check out my self-paced memory keeping class called In My Pocket! Project Life is an method of memory keeping designed and marketed by Becky Higgins. I am not affiliated or sponsored by Becky Higgins, but I have found this way of memory keeping using pocket pages to be an inspiring and satisfying way to document our busy family life. I think you will love it! Click the image to learn more and to join me in the classroom!

For today, I wanted to share an Introduction to this series and invite you to view the chat video here. In this video I talk about some of my personal thoughts as I approach these layouts, photos, and stories, and I hope it will help you think about your travel documenting in helpful ways too!

Here are the video notes:

Documenting travel can be a bit challenging and can be where we get stuck, but it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the many reasons I love pocket page scrapbooking is that it allows me to include the best memories in a way that is not so overwhelming. I can set aside however many layouts I want to complete for a particular trip, have the page design already laid out, and some of the hard thinking has been already done. It is also a project that is very high on my priority list, and that means I want to stay on track with this project. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track as well.

Tip #01

Keep this part of your memory keeping manageable. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the projects, photos, layouts, page styles, stories, everything. It is very easy to just skip it, or drop the project altogether because you just don’t know what to do or how to start. So how can we keep this manageable and overcome that fear? What feels manageable to you might be very different from what is manageable to me, but setting a limit within our Project Life albums and setting a limit for product we want to use and setting a limit for photos to print is a great place to start. It is probably a bit unrealistic to think you will be able to document every single memory from your trip in one single layout. And honestly, if you want to document every memory, you can do that but I recommend committing another project for that purpose. For the purpose of Project Life, however, it is ok to hit the highlights and call it done. So lay out in your mind what you can realistically accomplish within this album, how many layouts you want to devote to this trip, and stick with that.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

This particular layout from our 2018 album is all about a day trip we took right here in town, in Winston Salem, NC. We wanted to check out a vintage arcade called Reboot, and we walked around a bit downtown as well. Notice how the photos in this layout tell a bit about what we did, but they also show some of the relationships and personalities in our family. This layout is a great representation of this one week in our life without feeling overwhelming or being too hard.

Tip #02

I already mentioned the temptation of wanting to include every single detail, and I am here to tell you that if wanting to include every detail is stopping you from finishing your albums, let that go. We don’t have to include every single experience. We don’t have to print every photo. We don’t have to tell every story. Not in this album, not in this context. I absolutely LOVE Project Life because it lets me tell our family stories in bite-size chunks. I tell my students in the In My Pocket class to think about how to represent your experiences in your pocket pages. What are the photos that represent this experience for you? Print and include those. What are the photos that really summarize the experience for you? How can you represent the trip you took, in one or two or three layouts, using 7 or 15 or 20 photos? Once you have set your limits for documenting this trip, prioritize the photos and include the ones that really jump out at you. You can always do more layouts later, you can always create another album about the trip later, but just for now, for the purposes of continuing in your Project Life album, make the effort to represent.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | Part 01

This layout is from our 2012 album and represents a trip we took to the Outer Banks of NC. To keep this manageable, but still tell the important stories I wanted to tell, I included photos of each of the children, which highlights their responses to being at the beach, a photo of our location, and an excellent representation of the skies, ocean, and weather we had while we were there. What is most important to me is to document our family interacting and experiencing life together, and these seven photos do that in a really powerful way. Never underestimate how beautiful just 7 or 8 photos really can be.

Tip #03

The most important thing I hope you will keep in mind as you document your own summer travels (or any travels, or any memories) is to do the thing that keeps you engaged with the project, do whatever helps you to keep going. Our goal in Project Life is completed albums, right? My personal goal at Larkindesign is to help you uncomplicate memory keeping so you can complete albums and feel accomplished in your craft. I do believe you will love looking back through your albums and seeing your travels included in Project Life, so I encourage you to create a layout (or three, or five, if you wish) about your trip. I see that question in our community an awful lot: “Should I make a layout for our trip if I’m going to make another mini album for the trip?” And my answer is always a resounding YES. You can always come back and do the full album later, but if you never get the chance to make that album, you know you have included it in Project Life.

Larkindesign Documenting Travel In Project Life | 2013 Happy New Year
Back in 2012, the last week of the year, we visited Disney World and on our way back our car broke down. We were three hours outside of Orlando, an hour from Jacksonville, on New Year’s Day, with nothing open. We had quite a journey that day to figure out how to get our family of six and a broken down car back home! Happy New Year to us, right?! I of course included this in my layout for the first week of that year because that was a significant travel event, and I am always happy to see that layout in that album. You can see that layout above, which shows how we celebrated New Years Eve at Hollywood Studio and then shows our poor car once we brought it home. The reason I included that is because we did something really difficult, we helped each other through it, and we even laughed a bit along the way. Include your travels in your Project Life! I hope this mini series will inspire you! We are going to have some fun, use some pretty products, and tell some special stories. Be sure to sign up below so you get the latest, you won’t want to miss this!

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2019 Project Life Introduction and Short Walk Through!

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Introduction And Walk Through


Hello Lovelies!!! Today I am sharing an Introduction to my 2019 Project Life album! I started this album a few weeks ago and have been sort of feeling my way through how I wanted to approach this project this year. I have already created a few weeks and have shared a few of them in the classroom at In My Pocket Volume 01. Today you can watch my Introduction video and see a short walk through of the first ten weeks here.

I would love to share with you some of the layouts that have already been completed. First was the Introduction layout, which is a pocket page I did while I was on the Clique Kits design team. I have used Paige Evans Whimsical collection and sequins from Spiegel Mom Scraps.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album Introduction Layout

For the first two weeks of January I created a layout using the Sahlin Studio Winter collection. At this time I didn’t really know how each layout was going to work out just yet, so I simply added the January 01 date. It ended up being a two week spread, and that is pretty much how I plan to keep going on this project.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album First Layout

The following two layouts are included in the process videos for In My Pocket Volume 01.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album


Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album

I also have created this layout for Week 11 for the Sahlin Studio creative team, featuring the Ouch! digital collection.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Week 11

I hope you will check back tomorrow as I will share my layout for Weeks 09 and 10, with complete process video sharing my digital portion and the physical process. How about you? Have you started your 2019 Project Life album yet? I’d love to hear how you are approaching this project this year so let’s chat! Thank you for joining me on this next adventure!


Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February and March


Hello Lovelies! Today I am sharing a layout from my 2012 Project Life album. My 2012 album really is a transition album, going from traditional scrapbooking and moving into pocket page, weekly documenting. This means that some of my layouts don’t have weekly photos, and in those cases I simply create an event-based layout. Have a peek at my process for these events in February and March of 2012. This layout was previously a part of In My Pocket Memory Keeping class, Volume 01. If you’d like to join us in the classroom, and see BRAND NEW process videos, check it out here.

There were two main stories for this spread: karate testing for Addison, and also I took the four kiddos to the zoo for the first time by myself. At this time they were still quite little – Natalie was five and Addison was nine, so it was a bit unnerving for me at the beginning. I love having these beautiful photos to document how we began blending our families and some of the challenges we tackled along the way.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For this layout I chose a Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit, this is the one from May 2017. Again I wanted neutrals on the left, and bright happy colors on the right. Pink is one of Addison’s favorite colors, so you will find that fun bright pink across the page!

I am absolutely in love with how this title card turned out! This was so simple: stamped title and date + two stars! On the 3×4 card underneath I also did a similar format: stamped sentiment and a tiny strip of washi tape. So simple and pretty.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For some reason or another, I think these are the only two times we photographed Addison’s karate experiences in the year 2012. So I felt it was super important to include these two layouts so he has memories of his classes. Notice how the photos really help tell these stories – the close up of his belt, the photo of him with his instructor, and the environment he was in. All of this was very important to us and to him at the time and I am so happy to record this!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For the right hand side, I am telling the story of the first time I took all four kids to the zoo by myself. I was definitely outnumbered, and in these early days it was a tiny bit overwhelming to try to take them somewhere alone. But on this day I did it and it was a success. We all had so much fun together!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life FebruaryOne concern with putting two events on the same spread is how to tie them together, especially if the colors of the photos don’t necessarily match? I have always had the approach that your products can tie seeming unrelated photos together, and this layout is a great example of that.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

Because I had already used these happy colors on the other side, this side flows really well into a more feminine layout. I still included some of the black and white elements, too, to tie it all together. Notice on most of the cards I added one very simple element. This keeps the layout simple and easy to complete. No hard decisions, no over-complicated embellishing here, but the end result is still a very pretty layout with a really great story!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

I had one more opportunity for a 4×6 card at the bottom of this layout, and I made it quite monochromatic. The card itself featured a very simple yellow star wreath and I added text inside it using a puffy alphabet from Freckled Fawn. Then a simple date stamp and the card is complete.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

I hope these layouts inspire you to try a more simple approach to your own layouts, especially in the name of not overwhelming yourself. Embellishing can be so much fun, and our pretty layers are so tempting to either hold onto them (read: hoarding) or over-use them. But you can see in this layout how a simple approach still allowed me to use my favorite things and actually get the layout done without feeling panicked. And most importantly, this keeps the emphasis on the important part: the story + the photo!

See you again soon!

New Class Announcement!!!!!

Did you see the news? No? Well guess what?! I am creating and developing a brand new pocket page memory keeping class, called In My Pocket!!!!! Have a look at this quick video I created!

Yay, I am so excited to be working on this and of course I want to keep you informed about pre-orders, release dates, and all the fun stuff. If you click here you will find a brief write up on the class, plus the video you just saw, AND the sign up sheet so I can keep you updated!

See you in the classroom!