Project Life 2013

Print To Pocket Action No 01 | 2013 Project Life Week 22


In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

Hello Lovelies! Today I have a Photoshop Tutorial for you, using my brand new Print To Pocket Action No. 01 that just released yesterday. You can purchase the Action by clicking on the image below.

Larkindesign Print To Pocket 01 Photoshop Actions


Actions are a series of recorded steps in Photoshop that allow you to repeat the same steps over and over again. This Action helps you design your pocket page layout and then breaks the layout apart into 4×6 printable photos. Here is a video showing how I created this layout:

This Action has completely changed (and simplified!) how I design and print my pocket page layouts. It’s so easy now to select my photos, edit them on a dime, drop them into the layout and then run the Action. This layout today took me about 20 minutes from start to printed photos! For today’s layout I simply edited and added photos to my foundation template, and then ran the Action to have it break the layout apart into printable 4×6 photos.


You can absolutely batch print your pages, leaving the fun creative part once your pages are all printed out. Here is a snapshot of my photos for this layout. They are all sized at 4×6 @300ppi and ready for printing.


Of course, if you are using digital collections you can drop your digital cards into your template as well, and let the Action save those journal cards for you with your photos.

The completed layout is below. If you’d like to see the process video for how I completed the layout once my photos were printed, I invite you to join me in the classroom at In My Pocket Vol. 01! For this layout I used physical Project Life products from Studio Calico to complete the pages. You will be so amazed at how quickly the Action runs, allowing you to print quickly and leave lots of time for the creative part!

In My Pocket Memory Keeping Class

Isn’t that awesome to watch?!! Thanks so much for joining me today! I hope you will pick up these amazing Actions today!


Project Life 2013 Week 10B | ft. Studio Calico Golden Hour Documenter Kit

Hello Lovelies! Today I am sharing a layout in my 2013 Project Life album for Week 10B. A few weeks ago I shared the first part of this layout and here is the conclusion. This layout was created using the Studio Calico Golden Hour Documenter Kit. You can view my process video here.

This layout has an insert, and I shared the first half of the layout several weeks ago. This is what that part of the layout looked like.

Here is today’s half of the layout.

I began the layout using the Golden Hour kit, and so it seemed simple to continue the layout using this kit. These colors are beautiful, and even though this kit is designed for more fall-like colors, it goes perfect with our spring day at the zoo.

On the back side of the insert I included this photo of the four kids together, looking out a window. The color of this photo is primarily turquoise, so I have repeated this color throughout the layout. Look how little they are.

Adding an insert means you have a little more flexibility and you can play a bit more, so I created a filler card here. In addition to the hand-written journaling, the text on this journal card also tells some of the story.

When we went to the zoo on this particular day, they had opened up a new area to educate us about bees, and this structure was built to resemble the inside of a beehive! It was so cute! I took color cues once again from the photos and on this side used the pinks and yellows.

I cut out the floral element from the black 4×6 journal card and layered it onto this ombre effect card to create a title card. These colors are just amazing! Thank you for joining me today! See you again soon!


Project Life 2013 Week 09 | ft. Sahlin Studio Simplify

Hello Lovelies! Today I have a layout from my 2013 Project Life album to share with you. I created this layout using the Sahlin Studio Simplify digital collection, which is an easy favorite of mine! Have a look at my process video here.

Here is a look at the full layout.

This particular week was all about karate for the boys, who had testing, and the girls, who had a Father/Daughter dance at our church. I pulled the teal, red and black from the kit and repeated those in my embellishments.

I always begin with the date card, because I already know what will go on it. The 3×4 cards in this kit offer lots of opportunities for journaling, so I only added my dates and a word strip to this card.

I had some older heart shaped puffy stickers in my stash, from Seven Paper Company, and I loved using those up here. The transparency floral is from Freckled Fawn.

The girls are so adorable, and they were so excited to go dance with Alan! The word strips are from the Simplify kit.

The second page came together so easily, as they always do when using the Sahlin Studio kits!

Notice how I grouped the karate photos together, and then balanced out the non-karate photos by placing those on the edges of the layout. This is cohesive design that helps bring together seemingly unrelated things.

I still love including everyday moments in this album. Our cooking looks different now as we are in a different home with different stove and we eat different foods now. Love having this documented.

Sometimes when working with years old photos, it can be challenging to remember specifics about the week, so I love pulling out an element in the photo and journaling about how that element makes me feel. In the photo of Nick he is smiling so big and you can see his connection to his karate instructor. He is excited to kick his board and earn his next belt! So my journaling is about precisely how that photo makes me feel.

Thank you so much for joining me today! See you again soon!


2013 Project Life Week 10 | Plus a Scraptember 50% off Sale!

I am so happy you are joining me today and hope you will check out the amazing sale I am running in the shop right now! Everything is 50% off to celebrate Scraptember! You will also notice a few changes happening and I hope you will stay tuned for the preparations I am making for all the Fine Things coming in the next few months!

Today I am sharing Week 10 from my 2013 Project Life album. This will be a two part layout as I did an insert, so be sure to check back next week to see the second part! You can see more of my layouts from this project two ways: in this series here and also in my online class In My Pocket Vol 02! The video follows here.

This is the layout I have created, using the Studio Calico Golden Hour Documenter Kit for August 2018.

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

For this particular week I chose to include one single event: going to the zoo together! I had quite a few photos from the day, and also had an excellent opportunity to get photos of each of our kiddos, so this layout warranted an insert. I love photographing our every day outings in this way, taking a few photos of each child individually and some photos of them together.

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

I chose to use the Golden Hour kit because the title of the kit seems to fit with my overall feelings about this album and this layout. This time in our lives feels a whole lot like a golden hour, and I am so delighted to be able to document it. 

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

I have a strategy for adding my journal cards that I use in almost every layout. I begin with the date card and take color cues from that card. The 3×4 cards are alternated mostly white with more colorful, every other one. Any colors that are in the date card will be found repeated again in other areas of the layout.

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

I have been simplifying my embellishing lately as well, adding just a few tiny things here and there. Maybe it is just where I am in my life – busy, sometimes overwhelmed, looking for simplicity – that the cards feel complete in their own right. Allowing this process to be quick and un-complicated gets it done and in the end, makes me even happier!

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

For my insert I chose two mostly white cards and found I only wanted to add some stamping to them. I also added a few flag chipboard banners to the kids’ photos. So fun!

2013 Project Life Week 10 | ft. Studio Calico ft. Golden Hour Documenter!

These smiles give me all the feels, you guys. Thank you for joining me today! See you again soon!


New Project Introduction!!!!! 2013 Project Life Intro Layout!!!

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to begin a brand new project with you! I have decided to go back and completely redo my 2013 Project Life album. I have shared my reasons for redoing this album in my class, In My Pocket Volume 02, so be sure to join me there to hear all about it. I also plan to share layouts here and on my YouTube channel throughout the process as well!

Let’s have a look at the completed layout! I began the layout with a full 12×12 photo that I have printed in 4×6 sections, one at a time. This is an easy way to print large photos when you don’t want to use up your 13×19 size papers.

Larkindesign New Project Introduction!!!!! 2013 Project Life Intro Layout!!!

My story for this layout is all about spending New Year’s Eve at Hollywood Studios and having just an epic evening! I will share more of the story on the next layout, but this was just such an epic way to start the year and this photo is the perfect introduction to this album.

Larkindesign New Project Introduction!!!!! 2013 Project Life Intro Layout!!!

The photo stands alone so beautifully and doesn’t need much embellishing at all, but I always like to add the year and our family initial to my intro layouts. I took two shipping tags and layered elements on top of them. At the bottom of the page is my date, which I created using Thickers.

Larkindesign New Project Introduction!!!!! 2013 Project Life Intro Layout!!!

I have stitched the camera from Freckled Fawn to the tag at the top of the page, and then added a few glitter stars around it as well. This is so simple and quick but powerful!

Thank you for joining me today! If you want to learn more about this project, I encourage you to join me in the classroom over at In My Pocket Volume 02. I have discussed this project at great length and offer deeper insight into this project there! See you soon!