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2019 Project Life Introduction and Short Walk Through!

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Introduction And Walk Through


Hello Lovelies!!! Today I am sharing an Introduction to my 2019 Project Life album! I started this album a few weeks ago and have been sort of feeling my way through how I wanted to approach this project this year. I have already created a few weeks and have shared a few of them in the classroom at In My Pocket Volume 01. Today you can watch my Introduction video and see a short walk through of the first ten weeks here.

I would love to share with you some of the layouts that have already been completed. First was the Introduction layout, which is a pocket page I did while I was on the Clique Kits design team. I have used Paige Evans Whimsical collection and sequins from Spiegel Mom Scraps.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album Introduction Layout

For the first two weeks of January I created a layout using the Sahlin Studio Winter collection. At this time I didn’t really know how each layout was going to work out just yet, so I simply added the January 01 date. It ended up being a two week spread, and that is pretty much how I plan to keep going on this project.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album First Layout

The following two layouts are included in the process videos for In My Pocket Volume 01.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album


Larkindesign 2019 Project Life Album

I also have created this layout for Week 11 for the Sahlin Studio creative team, featuring the Ouch! digital collection.

Larkindesign 2019 Project Week 11

I hope you will check back tomorrow as I will share my layout for Weeks 09 and 10, with complete process video sharing my digital portion and the physical process. How about you? Have you started your 2019 Project Life album yet? I’d love to hear how you are approaching this project this year so let’s chat! Thank you for joining me on this next adventure!


Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February and March


Hello Lovelies! Today I am sharing a layout from my 2012 Project Life album. My 2012 album really is a transition album, going from traditional scrapbooking and moving into pocket page, weekly documenting. This means that some of my layouts don’t have weekly photos, and in those cases I simply create an event-based layout. Have a peek at my process for these events in February and March of 2012. This layout was previously a part of In My Pocket Memory Keeping class, Volume 01. If you’d like to join us in the classroom, and see BRAND NEW process videos, check it out here.

There were two main stories for this spread: karate testing for Addison, and also I took the four kiddos to the zoo for the first time by myself. At this time they were still quite little – Natalie was five and Addison was nine, so it was a bit unnerving for me at the beginning. I love having these beautiful photos to document how we began blending our families and some of the challenges we tackled along the way.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For this layout I chose a Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit, this is the one from May 2017. Again I wanted neutrals on the left, and bright happy colors on the right. Pink is one of Addison’s favorite colors, so you will find that fun bright pink across the page!

I am absolutely in love with how this title card turned out! This was so simple: stamped title and date + two stars! On the 3×4 card underneath I also did a similar format: stamped sentiment and a tiny strip of washi tape. So simple and pretty.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For some reason or another, I think these are the only two times we photographed Addison’s karate experiences in the year 2012. So I felt it was super important to include these two layouts so he has memories of his classes. Notice how the photos really help tell these stories – the close up of his belt, the photo of him with his instructor, and the environment he was in. All of this was very important to us and to him at the time and I am so happy to record this!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

For the right hand side, I am telling the story of the first time I took all four kids to the zoo by myself. I was definitely outnumbered, and in these early days it was a tiny bit overwhelming to try to take them somewhere alone. But on this day I did it and it was a success. We all had so much fun together!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life FebruaryOne concern with putting two events on the same spread is how to tie them together, especially if the colors of the photos don’t necessarily match? I have always had the approach that your products can tie seeming unrelated photos together, and this layout is a great example of that.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

Because I had already used these happy colors on the other side, this side flows really well into a more feminine layout. I still included some of the black and white elements, too, to tie it all together. Notice on most of the cards I added one very simple element. This keeps the layout simple and easy to complete. No hard decisions, no over-complicated embellishing here, but the end result is still a very pretty layout with a really great story!

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

I had one more opportunity for a 4×6 card at the bottom of this layout, and I made it quite monochromatic. The card itself featured a very simple yellow star wreath and I added text inside it using a puffy alphabet from Freckled Fawn. Then a simple date stamp and the card is complete.

Larkindesign An Event Based Layout | 2012 Project Life February

I hope these layouts inspire you to try a more simple approach to your own layouts, especially in the name of not overwhelming yourself. Embellishing can be so much fun, and our pretty layers are so tempting to either hold onto them (read: hoarding) or over-use them. But you can see in this layout how a simple approach still allowed me to use my favorite things and actually get the layout done without feeling panicked. And most importantly, this keeps the emphasis on the important part: the story + the photo!

See you again soon!

Hybrid Scrapbooking 2018 Project Life Week 22&23

Hello Lovelies, today I am sharing a Project Life process video from my 2018 album for Weeks 22 and 23! This is a hybrid layout using the Sahlin Studio You Are Here digital collection. You can see my process video here.

 This layout was part of a two page spread with an insert, and I found there actually weren’t so many photos for this week. So in the end it all worked out great. 

The Sahlin Studio collections always allow lots of room for journaling, and that means there is also space for some fun filler cards along the way. I created a title card with the Here & There card and made it a summer edition with a wood veneer piece from Crate Paper. 

Nick’s birthday was the 4th of June. He is now 14 years old, so his birthday celebrations aren’t big parties like it used to be. He simply wanted to play video games, have cake and presents, and have his girlfriend present. I kept the layout simple as well, with just a fun photo of him with his girlfriend playing video games. These two have been best of friends for a really long time, three years now, and it’s fun to see them hang out together.

I have always talked about how products can help us tell our stories, and the Routine Photorounds do an excellent job. Summer days are quiet for us when all the kids are gone, so we spend a lot of time working on those days. Simple word art helps me tell that story here.

Typed journaling is so much fun, even if you aren’t the best at using a vintage typewriter! I love mixing fonts with handwriting and typewritten words and it all tells a story of a quiet but meaningful summer time.

Thanks so much for joining me today! See you again soon!


Hybrid Project Life | 2013 Week 12 ft. Sahlin Studio Flashback!

Hello Lovelies! Today I am sharing this awesome and fun layout in my 2013 Project Life album! I have used the Sahlin Studio Flashback digital collection. You can view my process video here.

Our stories for this week included a sick day for two kids, a fun trip to the Lego outlet, and of course playing with the new Lego kits they got. Simple, but such special memories!

As always, I began  my layout with the title card. For this card I stamped the date and used alphabet stickers for the week number. 

I have had some questions about how I am remembering what to journal for this album, since it is five years ago. Full disclosure: I have short term memory loss so I actually don’t remember what happens from day to day. I absolutely accept this about myself, and so I have chosen to make my journaling manageable for me.

Tip One: Use your photos as your jumping off point.

Photos have an amazing power and always serve as the starting point for Project Life layouts! So use your photos to help you remember stories about that week. You would be amazed at how many stories one photo can bring to your mind. Practice this at home: Take a random photo and write down the first five memories that one photo makes you think of. 

Tip Two: Write about your feelings.

Remember how writing can be about Facts and Feelings? This is a great place to talk about the feelings those photos evoke for you. You can write about your feelings today, or your feelings back when it happened. You can write about how your feelings have changed, if that is the case. 

Let me share details about the right hand side of the page with you.

Tip Three: Write about what you know and remember from that time.

For example, 2013 for us was a particularly busy year because I know we were doing sports and all four kids in elementary school and life was hectic. But the kids had new Lego sets this week and it inspired me to pause a moment and take photos of them playing together. That became the focus of my journaling on this layout. 

Tip Four: Use product to help tell your story.

Always remember that scrapbooking products are fantastic ways to help us journal. The wooden heart veneer card with puffy heart stickers tells us how much I love these children, these photos, and this time in our lives. Stickers and stamps with word art can help us convey feelings about our layout and our photos, and they do the work for us. Titles and word strips help tell the stories we want to tell and help us share what we are trying to say.

Tip Five: Always remember that the sum = more than the parts.

All of the written words, plus the beautiful products and the layout all together adds up to tell the entire story about the week. Sometimes we put this expectation on ourselves that if it isn’t a long story, then maybe it’s not good enough. But when you look at your layout overall, you can see how everything all together adds up to tell the beautiful stories we want to tell, and to convey the feelings we want to convey.

I hope all of these tips are helpful to you! Remember to keep journaling simple and from the heart. I promise every word, no matter how short or lengthy, is important and amazing! See you again soon!


Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

Hello Lovelies, today I am sharing this hybrid layout featuring the Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine digital kit. This is my layout for Week 16 in my 2018 Project Life album. If you’d like to see all my layouts and videos for 2018 Project Life, check it out here.

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

In our Hybrid Scrappers Facebook group this week we talked about one of my favorite tips for getting layouts done and using up supplies: use your favorites first. I talk about this a whole lot in both In My Pocket classes and pretty much any time I talk about supplies. For this week’s challenge we were to grab the most recent kit, collection, or product that arrived and use it in a layout. For me, the digital kit from Sahlin Studio called The Everyday Routine arrived so I was able to use it for this layout here.

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

Whenever I receive a digital kit, I always open the kit on my computer and just look at all the files that are included in the kit. I take a few minutes to get a feel for the kit, think about what layout I want to use it with, and select my favorites. I open my favorites in Photoshop and print them out right away! If I already know what layout I am putting it with then of course I already know how many journal cards I need. I keep 4×6 matte card stock next to my printer so this part of the process goes quickly. For printable elements I place my favorites onto a 4×6 canvas in Photoshop and also print, then cut with scissors. Typically I will print any kind of labels, word strips, circles, and florals from a digital kit!

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

Once the kit is printed, and the photos are printed, then I pull just a few simple embellishments to add to my layout. For the embellishments I choose based on color, so for this layout I pulled navy and orange/yellow. This keeps the selection process fairly quick and simple and makes the actual creative process so very easy. Notice how for this layout, I added my dates using an alphabet stamp from Dear Lizzy and a roller date stamp.

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

Our stories for this week were mostly about preparing the yard for summer. We rented the giant aerator you see in the photo above so we could aerate and fertilize our grass. This was a monumental task but we did it like champs! We also did plant shopping so we could plant a few things and we got those put in the ground as well. The photo below is a tongue in cheek spoof on the Grant Wood painting called American Gothic. We were in the Home Depot and needed a rake, and I totally set up the camera in the middle of the rack so we could take the shot. I printed it in black and white so it would be more authentic. Ha. I love our sense of humor!

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

We also did a little shopping at the mall. While we were in the Charming Charlie’s I turned around to see the kids all piled up on this bench together, playing their games and chatting and just being so cool. I love these guys so much!

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

When printing digital products I also like to just print a patterned paper, but if I am working in pocket pages I don’t print the entire 12×12 paper. You can open up the paper in Photoshop and tell it to print just a 4×6 piece of that paper, to conserve your ink.

Hybrid 2018 Project Life Week 16 | ft. Sahlin Studio The Everyday Routine!!

I also filmed my process, which can be viewed here.

Thank you so much for joining me today! See you again soon!