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Every year you determine: this will be the year you get your photos and memories recorded in your albums. This is the year you finally get “caught up.” This is going to be the year you finish up the years worth of albums you have waiting for be completed. But suddenly the weeks (and the months) go by. You know you want to get them done, you know you love the process, but simply thinking about everything those albums need overwhelms you. You can’t figure out where to start. You have trouble even deciding which photos to print. And the supplies. The supplies sit in their boxes, unopened, because you just simply don’t even know where to begin. Maybe you aren’t even sure if you like the photos and layouts you have already created, so you just ditch the project altogether. Maybe you never even started, because you just didn’t know what were the “right” choices to make for such permanent, important memories. And the photos add up in your folders, and the overwhelm keeps adding up right along too.



Designed to help you un-complicate your memory keeping (and your life!)


Yep. I’ve felt all of those things too. In fact, I created the In My Pocket Memory Keeping Classes precisely because I wanted to move past the frozen uncertainty and get some albums completed. Like you, I had a shelf full of albums that I was embarrassed to pull off the shelf. Albums that had photos and papers falling out of them! Albums, probably just like yours, that just need a little more tender love and care to finish. And what if, along the way, you are able to find ways to uncomplicate your process, so you can stay in the memory keeping game for the long haul? Let’s do just that!


Here is the list of topics we will be discussing in the classroom:

Introduction Plus Strategies
Lesson 01: Album Format
Lesson 02: Printing Photos
Lesson 03: Using Technology
Lesson 04: Photo Strategies
Lesson 05: Supplies
Lesson 06: Setting Goals
Lesson 07: Keeping It Simple
Lesson 08: Feeling Burnt Out?
Lesson 09: Too Many or Too Few Photos?
Lesson 10: Tying Up Loose Ends

Limited Time $29.40



Join me in the first session. In My Pocket Volume 01 will give you an in-depth look at my full process, start to finish, for successfully completing pocket page albums for your family. Regular, periodic, weekly (or monthly!) documenting is such an awesome way to curate family memories, and in this class you will explore simple ways to set goals and get layouts done so you can feel accomplished in your own memory keeping!

In My Pocket Volume 01 includes the following:

  • Self-paced lessons, process videos, and other classroom instruction that you can access at any time through your own Member Dashboard.
  • Ten lessons plus the Introduction. Each lesson includes a chat video plus two process videos, plus other instructional videos, for a total of 40 videos!
  • Printable, 100-page workbook that includes thoughtful questions to help you streamline your own memory keeping process.
  • Access to the In My Pocket Facebook Group, where we chat about the lessons, share inspiration, and connect with each other.
  • Access to exclusive digital memory keeping collections designed specifically for pocket pages.
  • Support from me at any time, via email. I want to help you feel accomplished in your memory keeping and would LOVE to hear from you!

Hiya, I’m Theresa, designer, memory keeper, radical, thinker, rebel. Pocket Pages are my favorite tool for getting memories documented, archiving photos, and completing albums by far! I love sharing my tips and tricks and processes with you. I invite you to explore these courses together with me so you can develop your own strategies to stay in the memory keeping game for the long haul. At the end of the day, you want albums you can be proud of, and these classes can help you accomplish just that!

Theresa Moxley of Larkindesign

Education is an important part of what we do here at Larkindesign! In My Pocket Memory Keeping Classes are developed to help you get albums done, specifically pocket page albums. Our classes are jam-packed with tips, tricks, process videos, and so much inspiration. These classes are perfect for you if you are just beginning pocket page documenting, if you are looking to jumpstart your documenting, and if you are looking to finish up albums from previous years. Join us in the classroom now, so you can feel more accomplished in your memory keeping!